Grateful Dead – West Hollywood, FL (05/24/69)

Grateful Dead
Seminole Indian Village
West Hollywood, FL

Download SHN: Amazon Drive

Source info: SB>MR>??> CD

Disc 1
1. Turn On Your Lovelight 27:11
2. Doin’ That Rag 6:37
3. He Was A Friend Of Mine > 8:08
4. China Cat Sunflower > 4:34
5. The Eleven > 9:00
6. Death Don’t Have No Mercy 7:00
7. Yellow Dog Story 3:16
Total Time : [65:47]

Disc 2
1. Alligator > 3:58
2. Drums > 7:27
3. St. Stephen > 6:14
4. Feedback // > 3:35
5. // We Bid You Goodnight 3:23
Total Time : [24:37]

This version was prepared from discs that had been burnt TAO (with 2-second gaps).
Actually the gaps weren’t exactly 2 seconds, they were mostly 89377 samples
(a touch more than 2 seconds). In a few cases the gaps were of a different length.

After the gaps had been removed, some of the joins were smooth and were left alone.
Some others were not and were tidied.

There is a slight discontinuity between Chinacat & The Eleven.
Other flaws may be present.

After the silent gaps were eliminated the tracks were recut
(to correct CD sector boundaries) using shntool.

4 thoughts on “Grateful Dead – West Hollywood, FL (05/24/69)

  1. Hey Mat,

    Since you seem to be on a roll with posting shows that have been officially released (both 5/24/69 and 5/21/77 are in the Dix Pix series) can I please ask you to post another? I’ve wanted to check out 3/24/73, Spectrum since it was issued as a Dave’s Pix last year. Any chance you have a copy of that you could share with us? Thanks!

  2. Shhhh, we aren’t supposed to admit I’ve been posting officially released stuff 😉

    Seriously though I will ask that you don’t share my links of these shows in any public space. I’m happy to share them with my friends as these aren’t the actual copies of the official releases but you can’t be too careful.

    I’ll downoad the Spectrum show today and try to get it up sometime (relatively ) soon.

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