The Rolling Stones – Isolated Trax, Vol. 3: Beggar’s Brunch

The Rolling Stones
Isolated Trax, Vol. 3 – Beggar’s Brunch

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1.Sympathy For The Devil
center channel, no pianos
2.Stray Cat Blues
right channel, Keith’s guitar and Brian noodling on mellotron
3.Street Fighting Man
left channel
4.Factory Girl
center channel guitar and vocals
5.Parachute Woman
mainly left channel with bass and bass drum, with some of right channel mixed in on the right, a couple of missed bass notes at 1:50
6.No Expectations
left and center channels
7.Stray Cat Blues
left and center channels
8.Jig-saw Puzzle
left and center channels
9.Sympathy For The Devil
left channel, piano and bass
10.Dear Doctor
right channel, acoustic guitar
11.Dear Doctor
left channel
12.Salt Of The Earth
center channel
13.Jig-saw Puzzle
right channel, piano and slide guitar
14.Parachute Woman
center and right channels
15.No Expectations
The Rolling Stones
right channel, slide guitar
16.Factory Girl
left and right channels
17.Dear Doctor
center channel, vocals
18.Sympathy For The Devil
right channel, 2nd piano (?) and backing vocals

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