Queen – Nagoya, Japan (03/23/76)

23rd March 1976
Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium
Nagoya, Japan

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Bohemian Rhapsody (operatic & heavy sections)
Ogre Battle
Sweet Lady
White Queen (As It Began)
Flick of the Wrist
Bohemian Rhapsody (verse section)
Killer Queen
The March of the Black Queen
Bohemian Rhapsody (closing section)
Bring Back That Leroy Brown
Brighton Rock
Son and Daughter
The Prophet’s Song
Stone Cold Crazy
Doing All Right
Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon
Keep Yourself Alive
In the Lap of the Gods…Revisited
Now I’m Here
Big Spender
Jailhouse Rock
God Save the Queen

Source 1:

Come On, Blondie!

Original lineage – Mono cassette > WAV > editing with Samplitude > FLAC
Additional lineage – WAV > speed-correction and re-tracking with Audacity >

This is a speed-corrected & re-tracked version of the show Robert953 so kindly
shared here the other day at http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-
details.php?id=300497 .

This is great and you don’t even need to worry about Rober953’s warnings about
sound quality, in my opinion – his tape sounds great. A bit hissy, but you’ll have probably heard much worse. I certainly have!

I read on http://www.queenlive.ca that the tape ran a bit slow and on checking myself I
found that it did indeed need speeding up by 3%.

Having done that I also re-tracked the show, giving each song its own index point and adding fades to the start and end of the discs. I also moved Freddie’s intro to ‘The Prophet’s Song’ to the start of that track, rather than the end of the previous one, since it opens disc 2.

I removed about 6 minutes of between-encores clapping – I know some people
don’t approve of this, but the un-tampered master is still available at the address at the top of this posting. This isn’t meant to be definitive, blah, blah…

Oh, and I made a bit of artwork (really just some of the great photos Rober953
took at the show, which are over at http://www.queenlive.ca , along with tracklistings).

Hope you like it!

Source 2:

Lineage: Moet & Chandon Breakfast (Tarantura) CD –> WAV (with EAC) –> Flac level 8 (with XRECODE)

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