Neil Young – Costa Mesa, CA (08/13/87)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Pacific Amphitheater
Costa Mesa, CA

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Disc 1 [53:42]

Acoustic Set

01. My My Hey Hey [4:02]
02. Tell Me Why [2:49]
03. The Old Laughing Lady [5:05]
04. Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing [5:16]
05. For The Turnstiles [5:28]
06. Someday [5:27]
07. Birds [2:49]
08. American Dream [3:58]
09. Sugar Mountain [5:32]

Blues Set
10. Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me [7:41]
11. Welcome To The Big Room [5:31]

Disc 2 [66:34]
Electric Set

01. Mr Soul [4:55]
02. Cinnamon Girl [3:33]
03. Prisoners Of Rock & Roll [3:19]
04. Too Lonely [2:54]
05. Opera Star [4:00]
06. intro > [1:50]
07. Down By The River [8:54]
08. In The Name Of Love [5:03]
09. Mideast Vacation [5:03]
10. Long Walk Home [5:43]
11. Powderfinger [6:02]
12. Like A Hurricane [10:22]
13. Hey Hey My My [4:51]

First show of the 1987 Life Tour, first performance of Someday

editing notes:
d1t01: opening notes were recorded at very high volume and distorted, so I lowered the volume on them to match the rest of the show. There is still some evidence of the distortion.

-d1t01: small right channel dropout fixed at 1:23.
-d1t09: ending applause faded out
-d1t10: missing the first few notes. Faded the beginning in.
-d1t11: edited out silence between sets.
-d2t05, 07: created the intro track for DBTR.
-d2t08: tape flip at 4:40 faded in and out.

-I fixed dozens of small clicks on most tracks.

Trade and Share Freely, Never Sell!
Do Not Convert to MP3, or other Lossy format

This is a personal favorite as I attended this concert. B Mitchell Reed, mentioned prior to Nowadays Clancy, was a popular radio DJ, who had passed away a few years earlier. This is also the first glimpse at The Blue Notes, when Neil brings them out between his solo set and the Crazy Horse set. Editing notes below are not mine. JJC

source: AUD > ? > CDR > cdrparanoia > WAV > repairs > FLAC

FLAC conversion by Ryan Linn (

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