Bob Dylan – Noblesville, IN (07/08/89)

Bob Dylan
Deer Creek Music Center
Noblesville, IN

Download FLAC/SHN: Amazon Drive

1 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)
2 Masters Of War
3 I Believe In You
4 Shot Of Love
5 You’re A Big Girl Now
6 Shelter From The Storm
7 It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) (acoustic)
8 Wagoner’s Lad (acoustic)
9 Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (acoustic)
10 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (acoustic- >electric)
11 Silvio
12 In The Garden
13 Like A Rolling Stone
14 Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic)
15 All Along The Watchtower

Source 1:


78min, very good sound drop/cut between t9 & t10

(a bittorrent from 05/09 is same recording with similar wavs and spectral views except levels are lower and had discontinuities between tracks but not the drops on this one; described as “no info about lineage and taper” with filenames like “CD1\Track01.flac”)

(a bittorrent from 10/15 is same recording based on same clapping wavs at beginning of d1t1 with similar wav and spectral view except levels are different and had less digital flaws; described as “no info about lineage and taper” with filenames like “CD1\Track01.flac”; xref-01658)
cut between t9 & t10; drops between tracks on d2

Source 2:


Taper: PL (according to my source)

Source: low-generation audio disks converted to flac using the flacfrontend (this
was done some time in the past and i failed to make note of the program I used to
extract the audio disks).

Note: LB lists two compressed file sets for this date, LB-0330 and LB-0939. The latter
file set appears to derive from the same master as this recording, given the reference
in that set’s textfile to PL.

very good to excellent sound, slight improvement over previous version; same recording as LB-0330 based on same clapping wavs at end of d1t5; in comparison that has more hiss and less fidelity; (matches pl master)

(a bittorrent from 4/07 was a close eac match described as “Taper: PL (according to my source) “);

(a bittorrent from 07/10 seems same as 04/07 torrent and has more digital flaws than LB-0939 but did not hear it; xref-00443)
discontinuities between tracks

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