Pink Floyd – The Syd Barrett Years 1965-1971

The Syd Barrett Years

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This set was compiled from the best available sources and remastered with care. There was no hiss reduction or fake stereo processing done to this set. Mono recordings appear here in true mono. I was often able to reduce hiss with EQ rather than harsh processing. These tracks were remastered in a similiar fashion to the official Pink Floyd remasters, so excellent quality tracks such as the legendary unreleased “Vegetable Man” and “Scream Thy Last Scream” will blend in nicely on your own Floyd mix CD or playlist. The BBC Sessions appear here with the original DJ intros and have been edited to flow straight through with each broadcast. I am not a member of the Pink Floyd bootleg community, but I am a huge Syd Barrett fan. I was given the raw material for this set by a knowledgeable Floyd collector. I have no idea if all these sources are widely circulating, but the I’ve been told that this set beats all the other common ones, so if you’re a fan, you definitely need this set

DISC ONE: The Pink Floyd Archive 1965-67

01 Lucy Leave (Demo)
02 I’m A King Bee (Demo)
Recorded Summer 1965
@ unknown studio, possibly Regent Sound, London

03 Interstellar Overdrive (Demo)
Recorded October 31, 1966
@ Thompson Private Recording Studios, Hempstead

04 CBC Interview with Interstellar Overdrive
Interview Recorded December 1966 @ CBC Studios, London
Interstellar Overdrive Recorded in 1966 @ unknown location

05 Interstellar Overdrive (Live)
Recorded January 20, 1967
@ UFO Club, London

06 Interstellar Overdrive (Alternate Mix)
Recorded February 27, 1967
@ EMI Abbey Road Studios, London

07 Candy And A Currant Bun (Alternate Mix)
Recorded January 29, 1967
@ Sound Techniques, London

08 See Emily Play (Alternate Mix)
Recorded May 21, 1967
@ Sound Techniques, London

09 One In A Million (Live)
Recorded September 13, 1967
@ Star Club, Copenhagen

10 UFO Instrumental (Live)
Recorded circa March 1967
@ UFO Club, London

11 Scream Thy Last Scream (Saucerful Outtake)
Recorded August 7, 1967
@ EMI Abbey Road Studios, London

12 Vegetable Man (Saucerful Outtake)
Recorded October 9, 1967
@ De Lane Lea Studios, London

13 Apples & Oranges (Alternate Mix)
Recorded September 26, 1967
@ EMI Abbey Road Studios, London

14 No Title (Saucerful Outtake Excerpt)
Recorded September 4, 1967
@ Sound Techniques, London

15 In The Beechwoods (Saucerful Outtake)
Recorded October 20, 1967
@ De Lane Lea Studios, London

16 Vegetable Man (Alternate Take)
Recorded October 9, 1967
@ De Lane Lea Studios, London

DISC TWO: BBC Sessions & Syd Solo Outtakes

01 Astronomy Domine
Recorded May 14, 1967
@ BBC’s “Look Of The Week”

02 The Gnome
03 Matilda Mother
04 The Scarecrow
05 Flaming
06 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
07 Reaction In G (Excerpt)
Recorded September 25, 1967
@ BBC Playhouse Theatre, London

08 Vegetable Man
09 Scream Thy Last Scream
10 Jugband Blues
11 Pow R Toc H
Recorded December 20, 1967
@ BBC Maida Vale 4 Studios, London

12 Tomorrow’s World Instrumental
Recorded December 1967
@ BBC’s “Tomorrow’s World”

13 Silas Lang (Version One Instrumental)
Recorded May 6, 1968
@ EMI Abbey Road Studios, London

14 Silas Lang (Version Two Instrumental)
Recorded April 10, 1969
@ EMI Abbey Road Studios, London

15 Lanky Part 2 (Excerpt)
Recorded May 14, 1968
@ EMI Abbey Road Studios, London

16 Love You (Take 2 Excerpt)
Recorded April 11, 1969
@ EMI Abbey Road Studios, London

17 Long Gone (Take 2 Excerpt)
Recorded July 26, 1969
@ EMI Abbey Road Studios, London

18 Dark Globe (Chorale Mix)
Recorded July 26, 1969
@ EMI Abbey Road Studios, London

19 Maisie (Take 1 & Take 2 Alternate Mix)
Recorded February 26, 1970
@ EMI Abbey Road Studios, London

20 Baby Lemonade
21 Dominoes
22 Love Song
Recorded February 16, 1971
@ BBC Studio S1, London

23 Syd Banter
Recorded @ EMI Abbey Road Studios, London

All Tracks MONO except:
Disc One: Tracks 11-13
Disc Two: Tracks 14, 18, 19
which are STEREO.

All tracks are SOUNDBOARD recordings except:
Disc One: Tracks 9, 15, 16

LINEAGE: Best available sources in purest available form > CDR > EAC > WAV (Remastered) > FLAC (Level 8)

Clicks removed by hand
Mono recordings corrected to true mono
Volume normalized
Speed correction
BBC Sessions edited and sequenced for flow
There was no compression or noise reduction done to this set

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