Jackson Browne – New York, NY (03/16/04)

Jackson Browne & Friends
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY
March 16, 2004

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Source : DPA (B&K) 4022s > Lunatec V3 @ 16/44.1 > Sony D100

Editing : Soundforge (volume adjustment) > Wave > TLH (SB’s aligned) Flac level 8

Traders Den – March 3, 2019
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With special guests Vonda Sheppard, Marc Cohn, Scott Thurston, Danny Kortchmar and Bruce Springsteen!

The band:
Jackson Browne : guitar, vocals
Kevin McCormick : bass
Mark Goldenberg : guitars
Val McCallum : guitars
Mauricio “Fritz” Lewak : drums and percussion
Jeff Young : keyboards, background vocals
Katherine Russell : background vocals

Some of the louder songs are slightly brickwalled, but it’s not too bad. The sound quality is very good.

Check samples for quality

Set list:
01 The Night Inside Me
02 Fountain of Sorrow
03 The Barricades of Heaven
04 Casino Nation
05 Everywhere I Go (w/Vonda Shepard)
06 For Taking The Trouble
07 banter
08 Lives In The Balance
09 These Days
10 The Naked Ride Home
11 My Stunning Mystery Companion
12 Farther On
13 banter
14 Late For The Sky
15 Introduces Marc Cohn
16 Don’t You Want To Be There (w/Marc Cohn)
17 In The Shape Of A Heart
18 Your Bright Baby Blues
19 Doctor My Eyes
20 Somebody’s Baby (false start)
21 Somebody’s Baby (w/Scott Thurston & Danny Kortchmar)
22 The Pretender (w/Scott Thurston & Danny Kortchmar)
23 Running On Empty (w/Scott Thurston & Danny Kortchmar)
24 Culver Moon
25 Take It Easy (w/Bruce Springsteen)

Total Time = 02:32:02


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