John Prine – New York, NY (07/10/78)

John Prine
“Live at the Bottom Line”
The Bottom Line, New York, NY

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Lineage: SBD > Cassette > ??? > Speed Correction > Track Splitting > FLAC Level 8


  1. Fish and Whistle
  2. Angel From Montgomery
  3. My Own Best Friend
  4. Crooked Piece of Time
  5. Blue Umbrella
  6. Donald and Lydia
  7. Illegal Smile
  8. Intro to Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone
  9. Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone
  10. The Bottomless Lake
  11. Intro to Sam Stone
  12. Sam Stone
  13. That’s the Way That the World Goes ‘Round
  14. There She Goes
  15. I Had a Dream
  16. If You Don’t Want My Love
  17. Chinatown
  18. Pretty Good
  19. Intro to Bruised Orange
  20. Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow)
  21. Hello in There
  22. Grandpa Was a Carpenter
  23. Ballad of a Teenage Queen
  24. Paradise
  25. Please Don’t Bury Me
  26. Sleepy Eyed Boy
  27. Treat Me Nice
  28. Sweet Revenge
  29. How Lucky
  30. Sailin’ Around
  31. Saddle in the Rain
  32. Onomatopoeia
  33. I’m Not That Good at Goodbye
  34. Mexican Home

Total Duration: 133 minutes and 32 seconds


John Prine – guitar, vocals
Howard Levy – piano, organ, harmonica, pennywhistle, mandolin
Johnny Burns – lead guitar
Tommy “Pickles” Piekarski – bass
Angelo Varias – drums


Coincidentally, lots of John Prine’s best sounding shows are from his “Chicago band” era in the late-70’s. Johnny Burns, who led Prine’s band at the time, has been sharing a lot of John Prine memories on Facebook recently.

Prine did 4 shows at the famous Greenwich Village nightclub, the Bottom Line, on two nights back-to-back in 1978. One of the shows on 11th July has been very widely circulated for decades, yet the shows on the previous night had been relatively unknown to collectors. Actually, the 10th one sounds evidently better than the 11th one!!

This concert promoted Prine’s “Bruised Orange” album. It featured the only known electric full-band recording of “Donald and Lydia”, a song Prine almost always did acoustic. It also included several rarely-done covers: Johnny Cash’s “The Ballad of a Teenage Queen”, Elvis Presley’s “Treat Me Nice” and Lefty Frizzell’s “I’m Not That Good at Goodbye”.

This show might have been in circulation for a few years, but I believe this speed-corrected version has never been circulated before. I have a copy of the show on the 11th too, but it’s missing a 18th track, Bruised Orange. If any body have a copy with that song included, please reseed. Thanks! All these Bottom Line shows were recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour radio show.

Do not sell this recording.
Enjoy and feel free to share it anywhere.
Support the artists by purchasing their official releases and going to their live shows.
If you’re tired of physical CDs, you can go to Prine’s Bandcamp website and purchase his albums in FLAC/ALAC/WAV lossless format:
John McCutcheon wrote a very touching tribute song to Prine, so good that it moved me to tears. You can hear it at

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