Neil Young – Annecy, France (08/31/82)

Neil Young and Trans band
Parc des sports
Annecy, France
1982 august 31, aud FLAC

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

I have two sources for this show, the first is listed below. The second has no info other than it being a PH Master.

The Trans band:
Neil Young, Ben Keith, Nils Lofgren,
Joe Lala, Bruce Palmer, Ralph Molina

01 Crowd
02 On the way home
03 Don’t cry no tears
04 Everybody knows this is nowhere
05 Cortez the killer
06 If you got love
07 Soul of a woman
08 Are you ready for the country
09 Southern man
10 Little thing called love
11 Old man
12 The needle and the damage done
13 Birds
14 Band intro
15 Beggar’s day
16 Like an Inca
17 Crowd
18 Sample and hold
19 Mr soul

Trying to make Luca less desperate, here’s a show he’s searching for.
This was the first concert of this 1982 European tour, apparently on a rainny day.

Unfortunately, it’s not complete; the taper traded probably only a 90 minutes cassette and
3 songs are missing (Hurricane, Cinnamon girl and Hey hey, my my).
Other flaws: Like an inca is 2 times cutted and the end of Mr soul is missing.
That’s the way i got it …

My tape is probably from 2d generation.
Quality: check samples; no subjective eq made.

A pic of the show is added (i remember i saw a short sequence of the begining of the tour on TV news and at the moment Neil still had long hair).

TDK SA Cassette played on a Marrantz SD4051 deck with pitch adjustment; zoom H4 for wave files; PC;
audacity for tracking; FLAC.

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