Charles Mingus – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (04/10/64)

Charles Mingus Sextet
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

Download FLAC: Google Drive

SBD > Bootleg CDs > ? > WAV > Flac (Level 8)

8 Flac files at 593MB

  1. Parkeriana 21:18
  2. So Long Eric 22:14
  3. AT-FW-YOU 4:51
  4. Orange Was the Color of her Dress, Then Blue Silk 13:51
  5. Meditations 23:01
  6. Sophisticated Lady 5:34
  7. Fables of Faubus [Part 1] 23:08
  8. Fables of Faubus [Part 2] 7:11

Johnny Coles: Trumpet
Eric Dolphy: Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Flute
Clifford Jordan: Tenor Saxophone
Jaki Byard: Piano
Charles Mingus: Bass, Vocals
Dannie Richmond: Drums, Vocals

I am using the corrected track titles, not the ones listed on the bootleg covers. Mingus himself announces some of the
tunes with different names, but he would do that a lot, so to keep things simple I’m sticking to the most commonly used
titles of these tunes.

The original bootleg CDs had tracks 1-4 on Vol. 1, and the rest on Vol. 2. The show as presented here is not in the correct
running order. Surely, the first track played that evening was “AT-FW-YOU”, the second probably “So Long Eric.” But without
me knowing for sure, I have left the running order the same as the original 2 bootleg CDs.

One thought on “Charles Mingus – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (04/10/64)

  1. Hi Mat, Thanks so much for the ongoing bounty of music. This one, though, was officially released on Mosaic MD7-253,Charles Mingus – The Jazz Workshop Concerts 1964-65. Not sure if it’s still available.

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