Howlin’ Wolf – Denver, CO (08/23/73)

Howlin’ Wolf
at Ebbets Field
Denver, CO, USA
August 23, 1973

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

pre-FM > Converted & verified on FLAC Frontend 1.7.1, sector aligned, L8 16 bit Flac

This file set: xACT (decode flac files) > Sound Studio (edit track 8 = remove Killing Floor) > xACT (detect and repair SBEs, encode to flac, create ffp and md5 files)

Original notes by Chiew:
I was listening to this recently & it’s just too good to keep it to myself, especially when there’s too little Wolf around. Probably sbd or pre-FM. SQ: A+. Beats the pants off recordings in the digital era. Converted & verified on FLAC Frontend 1.7.1, sector aligned, L8. No remastering is required here 😉

  1. Talk To My Baby [Instrumental] 5:05
  2. I Can’t Stop Loving You [Instrumental] 4:41
  3. Little By Little / Your Love Is Creeping Away From Me (Eddie Shaw (?), vocals) 5:23
  4. Baby Workout (Detroit Jr, vocals) 3:20
  5. How Blue Can You Get 6:56
  6. What’d I Say 5:33
  7. Little Red Rooster (Howlin’ Wolf, vocals) 4:50
  8. Going Down Slow 9:32
    Killing Floor [removed]
  9. Shake For Me 5:22
  10. Instrumental / goodnights 3:39

Total time: 54:20 [was 59:03 inc. Killing Floor]

Howlin’ Wolf – Guitar, Vocals
Detroit Jr. – Piano, Vocals
Hubert Sumlin – Guitar
S.P. Leary – Drums
Andrew “Shake ‘Em” McMahon – Bass
Eddie Shaw – Tenor Sax, Vocals

After downloading this show from another site I searched Dime and the bot list to see if it has been shared here. Sure enough it had been circulating for years. Seems it was last shared at Dime by rsurfer until it was banned on Sep 6, 2011 with the following reason:

Sorry folks, but “Killing Floor” has now been officially released on “Live From Ebbets Field Vol 4”
See [updated url]
Also see

This appears to be a distillation of a week-long residency at Ebbets Field. Track 8 of the set was originally titled “Going Down Slow > Killing Floor” with a note that Killing Floor fades out at 2:48 and back at 3:00. This was correct (after Going Down Slow had finished). Anyway, that is not important now, as the song cannot be shared here. But the bulk of the track remains – an excellent 9-and-a-half minutes of Going Down Slow.

Although this has always been shared as a Howlin’ Wolf show, he appears on only three tracks. But don’t be discouraged, they are pure gold – not to be missed! On the other tracks Hubert Sumlin, Detroit Jr and the band give their best in an excellent-sounding recording.

Enjoy these blues masters!

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