Joni Mitchell – Santa Monica, CA (09/12/94)

Santa Monica, CA — KCRW studios
1994-09-12 — 53:49

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  1. -radio host intro-
  2. Night Ride Home
  3. -interview-
  4. Just Like this Train
  5. -interview-
    xx. Moon at the Window
  6. -interview-
  7. The Magdalene Laundries
  8. -interview-
  9. Sex Kills
  10. -interview-
  11. The Crazy Cries of Love
  12. -interview-
  13. Face Lift

note: ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’; 1994-10-25 broadcast date
txx: official release; removed
t11: contains tease of ‘Sunny Sunday’ by Joni Mitchell
t14: contains mid track overdub of radio host outro; fades early
Chris Douridas – radio host
Joni Mitchell – songwriter

Joni Mitchell – vocals, guitar
Larry Klein – bass

No artwork.

Source: DAT master > ? clone > my clone (DAT:16 bit/48khz)
Transferred by stevemtl: DAT > Sony PCM-R500 > Roland R44 > SD chip > my fingers > HD
Mastered by stevemtl: HD > Sound Forge (edit, final fade) > r8brain (vhq downsample > 16/44.1) > CDwave (track cut) > TLH (flac level 6, ffp, md5) > TLH (torrent marker)
Circulated by stevemtl: torrent marker uploaded to DIME on 2021-01-19

Support Joni Mitchell by purchasing official releases and merchandise.
Please pass on in a lossless format only; reserve mp3 and other degrades for your own use exclusively.
Do not profit in any material way from this recording.

Perfection in performance flawlessly recorded; enjoy. Thanks and appreciation are owed the recordist, of whose name I am not aware, for the perfect source recording. The oficially released ‘Moon at the Window’ has been removed.

Fault: Perfect glorious stereo, but see note re txx and t14.

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