Joni Mitchell – Sydney, Australia (03/23/83)

Joni Mitchell Live In Sydney
Recorded at the Sydney Opera House Sydney, NSW, Australia
23 March 1983

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive
FM Audio

FM > Reel Tape > AD converter > Lossless files > Hum reduction > flac

Very Good Quality
Artwork included

Disk 1
01 Free Man In Paris
02 No Regrets Coyote
03 Edith And The Kingpin
04 You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio
05 Song For Sharon
06 God Must Be A Boogie Man
07 Real Good For Free
08 Big Yellow Taxi
09 Canada

Disk 2
01 Amelia
02 Ladies’ Man
03 You’re So Square (I Don’t Care)
04 Chinese Cafe > Unchained Melody
05 Help Me
06 Both Sides Now
07 Underneath The Streetlight
08 Woodstock

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