Steve Earle & Del McCourty – New York, NY (03/20/99)

Steve Earle & Del McCoury
town hall, n.y.c.

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive


The Recording:
Master – soundboard > unknown DAT recorder
Clone – DAT master > CDR > CDR

The performers:
Steve Earle vocals, guitar, mandolin
Del McCoury guitar, vocals
Jason Carter fiddle
Ronnie McCoury mandolin
Rob McCoury banjo
Mike Bub bass

The Set List:

— Steve Earle & Del MCCoury Band
Texas Eagle
My Old Friend The Blues
Graveyard Shift
Outlaw’s Honeymoon
Connemara Breakdown
Harlan Man
The Mountain
I Still Carry You Around

— Del MCCoury Band
Far Cry From Virginia
Don’t You Think it’s Time to Go
Red Eyes on a Mad Dog
She’s Left Me Again
I Feel the Blues Movin’ In
Black Jack County Chains
Nashville Cats
Get Down on Your Knees

Love is a Long Road

— Steve Earle solo
No. 29 intro
No. 29
Now She’s Gone
Song intro
So Different Blues
Song intro
Ellis Unit One

— Steve Earle & Del MCCoury Band
Mystery Train Pt. II
LeRoy’s Dustbowl Blues
Raleigh and Spencer
Song intro
Hometown Blues
Long Lonesome Highway
I’m Looking Through You
Ben McCulloch
Tom Ames’ Prayer
Carrie Brown
Copperhead Road
Lonesome Road
Hillbilly Highway
Down the Road

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