The Rolling Stones – Gothenburg, Sweden (09/06/70)

Rolling Stones
Gothenburg, Sweden
Liseberg (Amusementpark)

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Upped by jandyx

This is a first attempt at sending out. This is four songs from the outdoors concert at Liseberg, Gothenburg, 6 September, 1970. They are improved (at least I think so, a friend did them). These are the only songs that weren¥t too distorted, the acoustic ones, and sound, quite a bit better. They are from the since long-circulating cassette, although this is from a second-generation copy of the master. It was recorded by a nine-year (almost ten, but not quite, a few weeks to go) old die hard Stones fan – who still is – and has since played in the Gothenburg based Rolling Stones cover band Stenade Rullarna (The Stoned Rollers).

01 – Stray Cat Blues
02 – Love In Vain
03 – Prodigal Son
04 – You Gotta Move

No artwork available, sorry.

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