Pink Floyd – Last Screams (1966-1968)

Pink Floyd
Last Screams (1966-1968)

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Catalog: DIYE 15

Misc.: limited edition (perhaps 450 ?)

Produced: ca. 1992

Date: 661031

Insert actually folds out to 9.5 x 9.5 inches The cover side features a shot of four band
members taken in an alley, with an inset. The other side is a shot of three band members
standing in front of some flower bouquets. Back is split vertically, left side has a shot of
Syd on the street, while the right side has the track listing and source listing in white letters
on a black background.

31 Oct 1966- 1968

  1. Sound Technique Studios, Chelsea, London Feb. 27th 1967
    2.-6. Top Gear Session BBC, London Sept. 30st 1967
    7.-10. Top Gear Session BBC, London Dec. 19th 1967
  2. Thompson Private Recording Company, Hemel, Hampstead, London Oct. 31st. 1966
    12.+ 14. perhaps Saturday Club Studio Session, BBC, London July 28th 1967
    13.+16.+17.+18. Top Gear Session, BBC, London June 28th 1968
  3. Abbey Road Studio London, April 15th 1967 FEATURING JOHN LENNON AND PAUL McCARTNY.
  4. BBC, London Feb 1st 1968




1. Interstellar Overdrive 5:02
2. The Scarecrow 1:58
3. The Gnome 2:14
4. Mathilda Mother 3:28
5. Flaming 2:31
6. Apples And Oranges 2:38
7. Pow R Toc H 2:48
8. Jugband Blues 3:45
9. Scream Thy Last Scream 3:34
10. Vegetable Man 2:28
11. Interstellar Overdrive 11:37
12. The Gnome 1:56
13. Julia Dream 2:02
14. Mathilda Mother 3:00
15. The Scarecrow 1:49
16. Massed Gadgets Of Hercules 6:25
17. Murderistic Women 2:10
18. Let There Be More Light 3:24
19. What’s The Shame, Mary Jane 3:11
20. It Would Be So Nice 2:48

1. Interstellar Overdrive 5:07
2. The Scarecrow 1:57
3. The Gnome 2:15
4. Mathilda Mother 3:35
5. Interstellar Overdrive (Extended Version) 14:40
6. Flaming 2:34
7. Apples And Oranges 2:39
8. The Scarecrow #2 1:49
9. The Gnome #2 1:55
10. Mathilda Mother #2 2:59
11. Pow R Toc H 2:47
12. Jugband Blues 3:48
13. Scream Thy Last Scream 4:26
14. Vegetable Man 2:25
15. Julia Dream 2:01
16. Massed Gadgets Of Hercules 6:23
17. Murderistic Women 2:09
18. Let There Be More Light 3:25
19. What’s The Shame, Mary Jane 3:14
20. It Would Be So Nice 2:49

Syd Barrett
Roger Waters
Rick Wright
Nick Mason
David Gilmour ?


Quality: G? -MISC
“good for this very old, very rare, recordings.
Some NoNoise System did a good job 8c)” – Felix

Comments: WOOOOWW!!! The track listing on the sleeve is messed up, so I can’t tell
you if the recording-info or the time is correct… Syd’s Pink Floyd at it’s best! – Felix

The quality on last screams sounds pocket recorderish even though they are all studio
tracks. Order of the tracks is not definite because whoever put it together didn’t know his
Floyd w/Syd. -MISC

The “actual” times are taken from my Sony Discman, and don’t include any of the dead
time between tracks (as if anybody cared). -MISC

Sound quality varies because the tracks are all from various sources. Quality ranges from
completely unnaccepable to marginal. Track listings are severely fucked up. All in all, there
is little to recommend this CD due to the inferior quality and the fact that these songs are
available elsewhere. -ECM

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