Van Morrison – Vienna, Austria (07/08/80)

Prater Fussball Stadion
Vienna, Austria
July 8, 1980

Download FLAC: Google Drive

unknown aud recorder > ? > FLAC

compiled by themysticmuse, august 2020


  1. Wavelength
  2. Kingdom Hall
  3. And It Stoned Me
  4. Troubadours
  5. Summertime In England
  6. Satisfied
  7. Warm Love
  8. Wild Night
  9. Tupelo Honey
  10. Angeliou

Poor sound quality, only for die hard fans


One thought on “Van Morrison – Vienna, Austria (07/08/80)

  1. Thank you for this. The warning says it’s poor sound quality, and indeed it’s not great, but I’ve heard much worse – totally listenable! Thanks for this 1980 show!

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