Grateful Dead – Madison, WI (10/25/73)

Grateful Dead
Dane County Coliseum
Madison, WI

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Source: Soundboard > Master-Reel > Reel (1st gen) > DAT (44.1k)

Set 1

01 Bertha
02 Big River
03 Here Comes Sunshine
04 Black Throated Wind
05 They Love Each Other
06 Mexicali Blues
07 //Tennessee Jed//
[missing] Looks Like Rain
[missing] Deal
08 //El Paso
09 //Row Jimmy
10 //Playing In The//Band

Set II

01 China Cat Sunflower >
02 I Know You Rider
03 Me And My Uncle
04 Dark Star >
05 Mind Left Body Jam >
06 Dark Star Jam >
07 Eyes Of The World >
08 Stella Blue
09 Weather Report Suite Prelude > Weather Report Suite Part 1 >
10 Let It Grow
11 Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad >
12 One More Saturday Night


[missing] Uncle John’s Band


  • This version has been provided by an anonymous source.
  • Several clicks have been removed and a number of level adjustments made.
  • The last 47 seconds of what we have of “Tennessee Jed” has a complete dropout in the right channel.
    I tried patching in the left channel but it just doesn’t sound right so I’ve left it as is.
  • I have removed a couple of small patches of wierdness” in “Let It Grow” and crossfaded the parts together.
  • This is the first time that “Tennessee Jed” has circulated. Other than that, this source has the same cuts as all circulating copies but is missing “Uncle John’s Band.”
  • All files are tagged.

edited and mastered
September 2014

2 thoughts on “Grateful Dead – Madison, WI (10/25/73)

  1. Fixed. Man, I don’t know why Amazon keeps doing that. It will tell me everything is uploaded and then the actual files are missing.

    Maybe it is because I am really close to my 6TB limit. I just bumped it up to 7TB so hopefully that will fix it. But these files should now be there.

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