Van Morrison – Kent, England (07/03/05)

Van Morrison
Leeds Castle, Maidstone, Kent
July 3 2005

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  1. Gypsy In My Soul
  2. Wonderful Remark
  3. Why Must I Always Explain?
  4. Magic Time
  5. Here Comes The Night
  6. They Sold Me Out
  7. Have I Told You Lately?
  8. Jackie Wilson Said
  9. Stranded
  10. Whininí Boy Moan
  11. St James Infirmary
  12. Cleaning Windows


  1. Moondance
  2. All Work And No Play
  3. Bright Side Of The Road
  4. Itís All In The Game > Ninety-Nine And A Half Wonít Do > You Know What They’re Writing About > Sitting In The Park > Make It Real One More Time > Burning Ground
  5. And The Healing Has Begun > Backstreet
  6. Gloria

Lineup: Ned Edwards, David Hayes, Matt Holland, Mark T Jordan, Bobby Ruggiero, Martin Winning

Sonic Studios DSM-6>PA6-XP>M Audio Microtrack>
Wavelab>CD Wave Editor>FLAC Level 8

An EBR Recording

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