The Band – Minneapolis, MN (07/09/94)

The Band
The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

AUD MC (unk. mics. / recorder) > C (safety copy) > C (my copy) > WAV > EAC > FLAC + checksum by amellowsoul

01 crowd
02 Caledonia
03 Remedy
04 Blind Willie McTell
05 It Makes No Difference
06 Atlantic City
07 Rag Mama Rag
08 Mystery Train
09 Caledonia Mission
10 The Weight
11 Crazy Mama
12 Stuff Ya Gotta Watch
13 blues instrumental
14 Ophelia
15 Blues Stay Away From Me
16 Up On Cripple Creek
17 Life Is A Carnival
18 The Shape I’m In
19 crowd
20 Genetic Method
21 Chest Fever
22 Rock And Roll Shoes

This show was recorded by a fella that I simply knew as Hippie Tom. He wasn’t the greatest taper, but he recorded some shows that appears no one else did. Trading with him was fairly easy, but it was could be annoying. He never took much care into his equipment, and often just pumped out CDRs at 72X speed or used dirty heads on his tape deck. It was quite disappointing, as I had to often re-ask for a recording. Yet, he wasn’t a bad guy at all, he just didn’t learn or care to learn proper trading.

When I came back to Minneapolis last year, 2009, I seeked him out. It was then I found out that he passed away a few years ago. Another taper, J.A., got most of his collection. J.A. then sold some of them to a friend of mine of ones that he didn’t care to keep. My friend was kind enough to lend me that tape which was labelled in Hippie Tom’s writing, “1st gen. from safety copy” I got very lucky to obtain it. Hippie Tom’s master tape very likely no longer exists!

The bar holds around 300 people, and this night, I think there was about 550. It was seriously overpacked. Warning! There is a lot of crowd noise jerks on this! God, who in the hell is that girl?!? And what? do folks have to sing along?! But, folks were seriously pumped up for this show. Most of us were in our 20’s then, and The Band barely ever came out to MN, so some thought to get sloopy drunk and got very annoyingly loud. These people probably only knew ‘The Best Of Band’, if even that. I’m fairly quiet (as I am at all shows), although I can hear myself on this in some parts. I didn’t drink, but I toked quite a large amount of herb that evening, but I remember the show very vividly. In fact, you can hear very faintly someone say on this, “That’s Tom’s.. that’s Tom Shyman’s pipe..”, which is indeed a reference to me! (blush) It’s really amazing that I hear a lot of people in the crowd that were my friends back then, and some still are. Some ‘fans’ were quite mean as well, with “That guy (Danko) is going to have a heart attack!”, about him being overweight.

All in all, the recording is what it is, and nothing can change that. I’m just feel seriously lucky I can re-live it this crazy night again, and this time hopefully without a hangover!

Thanks again, Hippie Tom. You live on in the torrent world now!

As always, enjoy!
-Tom Shyman (
Sept. 29 2010.

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