Bob Dylan – Alternate Live Slow Train Coming

Bob Dylan
The Alternate Live Slow Train Coming
Wonderland Records

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Year: 2007
Genre: FolkRock
Tracks: 14
Total time: 79:27

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any detailed information, artwork, or reviews about this 2007 release from Wonderland
Records. It is one of a series of bootlegs Wonderland offered that year with the same theme: The Alternate Live….. A
review of this offering does appear in Isis 134.

Thanks to cevau for the disk (received from his bootleg source). I converted the disk to flac using dBpowerAMP set to
compression level 6.

  1. Gotta Serve Somebody 6:54
  2. Precious Angel 5:49
  3. I believe in you 5:41
  4. Slow Train 6:10
  5. Gonna change my Way of thinking 4:56
  6. Do right to me Baby (Do unto others) 4:19
  7. When you gonna wake up 5:57
  8. Man gave Names to all the Animals 5:33
  9. When he Returns 4:49
  10. Gotta Serve Somebody (Mavis Staples) 6:40
  11. Gotta Serve Somebody (EttaJames) 6:52
  12. Gotta Serve Somebody (David Allen Coe & Lacy J. Dalton) 4:25
  13. I believe in you (Judy Collins) 5:24
  14. Gotta Serve Somebody (Shirley Caesar) 5:49

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