Bob Dylan – The Alternate Live Desire

Bob Dylan
The Alternate Live Desire
Wonderland Records
2007 CD WLR-2050

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Flac files (using dB PowerAmp set to compression level 6) derived from audio disk from source.

Track listing
1 Hurricane (Plymouth 1975-10-31)
2 Isis (Plymouth 1975-10-31)
3 Mozambique (San Antonio 1976-05-11)
4 One More Cup Of Coffee (Plymouth 1975-10-31)
5 Oh, Sister (Plymouth 1975-10-31)
6 Joey (Copenhagen 1987-09-21
7 Romance in Durango (Plymouth 1975-10-31)
8 Sara (Plymouth 1975-10-31)


9 Hurricane (Ani DiFranco)
10 Isis (Poster Children)
11 One More Cup Of Coffee (Sertab Erener)
12 Oh, Sister (Andrew Bird)
13 Black Diamond Bay (Ronald Born)

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