Bob Dylan – Atlantic City, NJ (08/16/08)

Bob Dylan
Atlantic City,NJ.
Event Center

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Recording by Jonathan

Schoeps CMC-6/MK-4—->Sound DEvices 722

Disc 1

1) Into
2) Watching the river flow
3) Mr. tamboring man
4) Things have changed
5) Mississippi
6) You go your way (and i’ll go mine)
7) Hollis brown
8) Make you feel my love
9) Tweedle dee & tweedle dum

Disc 2

1) Visions of johanna
2) Honest with me
3) Lenny bruce
4) I don’t believe you
5) Highway 61 revisited
6) Ain’t talkin’
7) Thunder on the mountain
8) Audience
9) Like a rolling stone
10) All along the watchtower

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