Tom Waits – Transmission Impossible: 1975-1977

Tom Waits
Transmission Impossible (2015)
Label: Eat To The Beat

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

This 3 CD set includes radio broadcasts transmitted during this initial period of Tom Waits career, and features complete live performances recorded in; 1975 at the studios of KRQS FM, Minneapolis, featuring just Tom alone at his piano; in December 1976 at Media Sound Studios – another in studio session during which, between numbers, Tom is interviewed by the station presenter; and in 1977, back in the big apple at the famous, My Father s Place venue, out on Long Island.

CD1 – Minneapolis 1975
1-1 Emotional Weather Report
1-2 Eggs And Sausage (Intro)
1-3 Eggs And Sausage
1-4 Better Off Without A Wife
1-5 Semi Suite
1-6 Spare Parts
1-7 The Ghosts Of Saturday / The Heart Of Saturday Night
1-8 New Coat Of Paint
1-9 Warm Beer And Cold Women
1-10 Virginia Avenue
1-11 San Diego Serenade
1-12 Putnam County
1-13 Ol’ 55
1-14 Mr. Siegal (from The Don Lane Show Australia 1981)
1-15 Tango Til They’re Sore (from Late Night with David Letterman NYC 1986)
1-16 Time (from Late Night with David Letterman NYC 1986)

CD2 – New York 1976
2-1 Emotional Weather Report
2-2 A Sight For Sore Eyes
2-3 Step Right Up
2-4 Eggs And Sausage / Invitation To The Bues
2-5 Jitterbug Boy
2-6 Diamonds On My Windshield
2-7 San Diego Serenade
2-8 Tom Traubert’s Blues
2-9 New Coat Of Paint
2-10 The Piano Has Been Drinking
2-11 I Can’t Wait To Get Off Work

CD3 – New York 1977
3-1 Standin’ On The Corner
3-2 I Never Talk To Strangers
3-3 Pasties And G-Strings
3-4 Invitation To The Blues
3-5 Jitterbug Boy
3-6 Step Right Up
3-7 I Wish I Was In New Orleans / Small Change
3-8 The Piano Has Been Drinking
3-9 Emotionak Weather Report
3-10 Muriel
3-11 Jack & Neal / California, Here I Come
3-12 Tom Traubert’s Blues

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