Tom Waits – Madison, WI (10/31/77)

Tom Waits
Madison, WI
Park Motor Inn

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Disc 1
The One That Got Away
I Never Talk to Strangers
Step Right Up
Invitation to the Blues > Eggs and Sausage
Jitterbug Boy
Pasties and a G-String
Small Change
New Coat of Paint

Disc 2
The Ghosts of Saturday Night > The Heart of Saturday Night
Depot, Depot
Burma Shave
Instrumental Improv
Summertime > Putnam County > Spare Parts II

WIBA- FM broadcast-> CD-R Trade-> EAC->FLACfrontend (level 6)

This is a classic show. Tom gets heckled by a woman during the show
and, that alone makes it classic. BUT, this is also a GREAT performance
amazing version of ‘Burma Shave’. Sound is pretty good B+ it is a FM
recording. Artwork is included.

2 thoughts on “Tom Waits – Madison, WI (10/31/77)

  1. Just for the record, I saw your comment about this classic show where Tom was “heckled” by someone in the audience. I don’t know if that assessment originated with your interpretation or if you’ve read that from other interpretations from other listeners. But it is totally erroneous.

    So… to set the record straight. The remarks were not directed at Waits at all. I attended this wonderful show back when I was a student (Junior year) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The crowd banter you’re hearing occurred during the portion when Tom had hired a local stripper (in each town) for the extended “Pasties and a G-String” segment.

    On this night in Madison, Waits’ people (tour manager) had hired a female dancer named Debbie from a local club called The Dangle Lounge. So what is happening is actually the audience’s reaction (male vs female) to Debbie’s strip act. The Park Motor Inn was not a typical venue for concerts — in fact, this is the only major concert event that I can remember having been booked there. It was exactly what the name suggests — a motor lodge that was located on the state Capitol Square near the heart of downtown Madison– so it was essentially the main ballroom which also was serving drinks. And the booze was flowing freely. What you hear on the recording is some banter between a couple guys oogling Debbie as she performs her act, and a couple of other women (their girlfriends? strangers?) challenging them. There was no tension to be found between Waits and the audience. Take another listen with that illuminated context. It was a great show and I am so glad that it has been preserved — I had a cassette copy of the show from the WIBA broadcast back in the day, and it had gone missing decades ago.

    Ironically, a year later, Waits returned to Madison on the ‘Blue Valentine’ tour (with Leon Redbone opening). He again revisited the “Pasties and a G-String” segment but had to tone it down considerably because the concert was being performed in a public facility — the University Memorial Union Theatre.

  2. Thanks for these comments. Very interesting.

    The note about the heckling in the post is not actually mine. They are included in the original text file and I just copy pasted them.

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