Peter Gabriel – Liverpool, England (09/18/83)

Peter Gabriel
Liverpool Empire

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

last night of the British tour

The soundcheck was recorded from outside the hall – funny thing is when I was transferring the show I totally forgot I recorded this

Sony D6 / Awia Cm30 Microphone – transferred to PC at 16 bit / 44.1khz via M-Audio Delta 2496 sound card – Audacity – Noise Removed – Normalised – tracks split – no split for CD just like the original concert

01 Tuning Up – The Family and the Fishing Net Soundcheck
02 No Self Control – Soundcheck
03 I Go Swimming – Soundcheck
04 I Have The Touch – Soundcheck
05 Across the River – Soundcheck
06 Across the River
07 I Have the Touch
08 Not One of Us
09 The Family and the Fishing Net
10 Shock the Monkey
11 Family Snapshot
12 Intruder
13 No Self Control
14 Humdrum
15 Lay Your Hands on Me
16 Solsbury Hill
17 I Go Swimming
18 San Jacinto
19 On The Air
20 Biko
21 Here Comes The Flood

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