Bob Dylan – His Face Looked Just Like Mine in 1989

Bob Dylan
Songs about men.
Pink Panther Records

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mp3@320kbps version

1.Man Of Peace (New York 10/12)
2.Masters Of War (The Hague 6/10)
3.Pancho And Lefty (Cava de’Tirreni 6/21)
4.John Brown (Birmingham 6/7)
5.One Irish Rover (Ottawa 7/30)
6.Ballad Of Hollis Brown (Helsinki 5/30)
7.Trail Of The Buffalo (Atlanta 8/16)
8.Lenny Bruce (Atlantic City 7/20)
9.And It Stoned Me (Rochester 7/6)
10.Song To Woody (Madrid 6/15)
11.The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (Boston 10/24)
12.Man In The Long Black Coat (New York 10/13)
13.Maggie’s Farm (Toledo 8/8)
14.Ballad Of A Thin Man (Chicago 10/31)

15.Two Soldiers (Patras 6/26) Bonus track (cut at end) – won’t fit on a single CD

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