Bob Dylan – You To Me Were True, 1989

Bob Dylan
YOU TO ME WERE TRUE, Relationship Songs of 1989
Pink Panther Records

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Sources: best available mp3, most converted directly from FLAC to mp3@320kbps.

Sound: generally excellent, sometimes very good, never poor.

Rating stars: lots of ’em.

Bob performed a staggering number of relationship songs in 1989 – not only his own but also a lot of covers.

He has always gone way beyond the “She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah – I wanna hold your hand” format.

Bob is looking for a lot more than that!

He is also more interested as always in the “black” side of love songs – the “train wreck” at the end of a relationship.

This topic was obviously preoccupying his mind in 1989.

So here we have an incredible song-cycle with:
more sex than all the Italian operas combined,
more intrigue & innuendo than the “naughty” Shakespeare plays they avoid teaching kids in college; &
more drama than most Hollywood & Bollywood soap operas.

So welcome to Bob’s love opera in 67 parts!!

Some great (& scary) stuff here.


1.Lonely Is A Man Without Love / LíAir De La Louisiane (Arrangement Jesse Winchester) (Berkeley 9/3)


2.I Want You (Ottawa 7/30)
3.I’m In The Mood For Love (Jimmy McHugh / Dorothy Fields) (Toledo 8/8)
4.Queen Jane Approximately (New York 10/12)
5.Everyday (Charles Hardin aka Buddy Holly) (New York 5/0)
6.Absolutely Sweet Marie (Poughkeepsie 10/20)
7.Baby, Let Me Follow You Down (Reverend Gary Davis) (Berkeley 9/3)
8.Shot Of Love (Portland 7/15)
9.Heart Of Mine (St Louis 8/9)


10.Everybody’s Movin'(G.Troutman aka Glen Glenn) (Poughkeepsie 10/20)
11.Eileen Aroon (Traditional) (Stockholm 5/28)
12.Not Fade Away (Charles Hardin aka Buddy Holly) (New York 5/0)
13.Barbara Allen (Traditional) (Dublin 6/4)
14.Nothing But You (Steve Earle) (Portland 7/15)
15.Wagoner’s Lad (Traditional) (Boston 10/23)
16.You Don’t Know Me (Eddy Arnold / Cindy Walker) (Rome 6/20)


17.Pledging My Time (Wantagh 7/23)
18.When Did You Leave Heaven (Walter Bullock / Richard Whiting) (Holmdel 7/21)
19.Shelter From The Storm (Milan 6/19)


20.To Be Alone With You (Atlanta 11/10)
21.Crazy Love (Michael Judson O’Hara / Denise Rich / George Lyter) (Athens 6/27)
22.I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (Ithaca 10/29)
23.Lay, Lady, Lay (Ithaca 10/29)
24.It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (Ottawa 7/30)
25.Simple Twist Of Fate (Maple 7/29)
26.Just Like A Woman (Maple 7/29)
27.Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (Atlantic City 7/20)


28.Confidential (To Me) (Dolinda Morgan) (Helsinki 5/30)
29.Visions Of Johanna (Ann Arbor 11/1)
30.In The Pines (Traditional, arrangement Huddie Ledbetter aka Lead Belly) (Milwaukee 7/3)


31.The Man In Me (Park City 9/1)
32.Adelita (Traditional) (Los Angeles 9/24)
33.She Belongs To Me (Rochester 7/6)
34.Love Minus Zero / No Limit (Holmdel 7/21)
35.Tangled Up In Blue (Milan 6/19)


36.Making Believe (Jimmy Work) (New York 5/0)
37.It Ain’t Me, Babe (Atlantic City 7/20)
38.Lakes Of Pontchartrain (Traditional) (Frejus 6/13)


39.Seeing The Real You At Last (Poughkeepsie 10/20)
40.Positively 4th Street (Park City 9/1)
41.Like A Rolling Stone (The Hague 6/10)


42.Congratulations (Traveling Wilburys) (Birmingham 6/7)
43.Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (San Sebastian 6/17)
44.Lonesome Town (Rick Nelson / Baker Knight) (Birmingham 6/7)
45.Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Rochester Hills 7/6)
46.More And More (Webb Pierce / Merle Kilgore) (Houston 8/26)
47.To Ramona (Wantagh 7/23)
48.(I’ll Be) A Legend In My Time (Don Gibson) (Atlantic City 7/20)
49.One Too Many Mornings (Dublin 6/4)
50.It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (Ottawa 7/30)
51.I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) (The Hague 6/10)
52.Boots Of Spanish Leather (Atlantic City 7/20)
53.Driftin’ Too Far From Shore (Milwaukee 7/3)
54.Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine) (The Hague 6/10)
55.You’re A Big Girl Now (Milan 6/19)


56.Most Of The Time (New York 10/12)
57.When First Unto This Country (Traditional, arrangement Jerry Garcia / David Grisman) (Norfolk 11/7)
58.Girl Of The North Country (Ottawa 7/30)
59.Give My Love To Rose (Johnny Cash) (Christinehofs Slott 5/27)
60.Pretty Peggy-O (Traditional) (Ottawa 7/30)
61.I’m Not Supposed To Care (Gordon Lightfoot) (New York 5/0)
62.Mama, You Been On My Mind (Toledo 8/8)
63.Hey La La (Hey La La) (Ray Price / Leonard McRight) (Maple 7/29)
64.Rank Strangers To Me (A.Brumley) (Louisville 8/18)
65.Man Of Constant Sorrow (Traditional) (Atlanta 8/13)
66.(I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle (Hank Williams / Jimmie Davis) (New York 5/0)
67.I’ll Remember You (Poughkeepsie 10/20)

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