A Small Update

I think I mentioned before how I have an old external hard drive that is dying. Well, I’ve been saying it is dying for several years now and it is still kicking. What it is doing is being really, really slow. Trying to read any file or move anything around takes a very long time. So long that it is basically useless. Thankfully the vast majority of the files on that drive are also on my Amazon Drive.

Since Amazon told me they were going away, I’ve been downloading those files onto a working hard drive. Today I finished that project. This doesn’t really mean anything to you all, but it is important to me. It is also one step closer to…something. I just don’t know what that something is.

My next project is a massive one. I’m going to go through all of my hard drives, make sure all the shows are on my list (and if they arent’ add them to my list), and then organize everything. Right now many artists have shows on multiple hard drives so I’ll be consolidating them so that everything is easier to find. I’ll also be going through my list and verifying that everything on it does in fact exist on one of my hard drives.

This is going to take me a long while since I have thousands of shows to go through. I’m hoping I can have it done before April when all of my files on Amazon Drive go away. I also hope to have a plan by then as to how I’m going to be sharing shows in the future.

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