Show of the Day: Grateful Dead – New York, NY (09/19/70)

There is an app called Relisten which takes all the shows in the Live Music Archive and lets you stream them on your phone. It does a nice job of organizing them so you can browse by artist and search through each year, etc. One of my favorite things it does is when you click on an artist it will show you all the shows they played on that particular day.

On my drive to work, I often listen to a Grateful Dead show they played on whatever day it happens to be and this has been a really fun way of catching up with shows I might have missed.

I love the idea of having a show of the day on this site, so that’s one of the many ideas I have percolating through my little brain. I’m not sure if I’d like to talk about shows that happened to be performed on the day I happen to be writing about it, or maybe I could just choose one show to talk about each day.

Trouble would be being able to have the time to listen to an entire show and have something to say about it each day. I have no idea if I’ll actually regularly do something like that, but today I have something.

I meant to talk about it yesterday and forgot. In fact, I don’t have much to say about it except that you should listen to it.

On September 19, 1970 the Grateful Dead played a monster shows in New York City’s Fillmore East auditorium. They started with Sugar Magnolia and then launched into one of the all-time great jam-filled medleys: Dark Star>Not Fade Away>Darkness Jam>China Cat Jam>Not Fade Away>Turn On Your Lovelight.

It is about 70 minutes of the best music you’ll hear today. You can download it from me here, or stream it on the Archive here.

One thought on “Show of the Day: Grateful Dead – New York, NY (09/19/70)

  1. Relisten is a great resource and I stream it often. A GD-Family-focused fave is Deadhead Archives (also streams from with the similar “This Day in History”. Their definition of “GD Family” is quite broad ranging from JGB to JRAD to NRPS to DSO to Zero, John Kadlecik, Steve Kimock, Keller Williams, and a few GD/Bluegrass Jam Bands besides!

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