Sorry For the Lack of Posting

My family and I were down and out all last week with…something. We ran light fevers, had heads full of gunk, felt achy and our heads hurt, and we coughed our bloody lungs out. It wasn’t COVID, we tested negative for that. I’m guessing it was a mild case of the flu since that’s been going around. Whatever it was it made me not want to do anything more than lay on the couch and moan. Luckily I had already planned on a four-day weekend so I didn’t miss too much work. Unluckily that four-day weekend coincided with Thanksgiving and I spent it doing the aforementioned moaning on the couch.

I’m feeling quite a bit better now, though I am still coughing quite a bit. So, I’ll try to resume some regular posting again. I had several more Noirvember postings that I wanted to get to, but at this point, I’ll probably just do some kind of overview of what I watched in a few days. I know at least two of you will be interested in that LOL.

I do not have a movie theme for December yet. I’m not a huge fan of Christmas movies so I won’t be doing that. I might not do anything. After two theme months it might be nice to just watch whatever I want. I’ll still do the occasional review, and I’ll definitely be making public my old reviews again.

On the music organizational front, I can officially say I am done with Bob Dylan. If I remember I’ll post a list of all my Bob shows for you all to look at with envy. I’m now working my way through various other artists that I’m moving off of a hard drive that will be solely dedicated to Bob. Then I’ll finally get to that hard drive my friend sent me many years ago. That’s the Peter Gabriel, Queen, Pink Floyd, etc. drive that I’ve been feeding off of for a long time. So, I am making good progress.

I’m still aiming to be done in April when my Amazon Drive goes dark. Then I’ll start posting music downloads again, at least in some fashion.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is well and happy.

4 thoughts on “Sorry For the Lack of Posting

  1. Hi Mat, Sorry you and your family were feeling sick. Good that it wasn’t COVID. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

    I did get COVID, quite badly but was able to get the heavy duty COVID meds which helped immensely. The C lasted 2 1/2 weeks but some of the symptoms linger even now, a few weeks later. My wife got it as well but recovered quickly with few lasting effects.

    Good luck with a speedy and full recovery for you all

    By the way, I’ll bet there are many more than 2 of us who read and enjoy your review. They are great. Thanks, though I sometimes find myself talking back to your comments. Nothing serious.

    Cheers from Ontario, Patrick

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Hey Mat – Feel better soon! Remember you have no obligations here, although I love to check out your posts when they are available. Rest easy!

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