The Christmas Haul


Things have been a bit tight in the Brewster household this year. I own a construction business with my brother and father and with everything else going on in the world business has not been as robust as it has been in the past. We’re getting buy, but we’ve had to tighten our belts quite a bit. This meant a much smaller Christmas for everyone, especially me. The wife and I decided to forgo most of our gifts so that we could make Christmas a bit merrier for our daughter.

My mother-in-law did purchase me a fantastic Doctor Who set. They have slowly been putting out entire seasons of the Classic series on Blu-ray, loaded with extras, and as you can see I got the first season in which Colin Baker played The Doctor. He is not my favorite Doctor by a long shot, but I’m excited to add him to my collection.

She also bought me a really fabulous Omnibus collection of the Loan Wolf and Cub manga, but as it turns out, I already own a copy of that. Which is my own fault because I asked her to buy it for me. I keep a pretty large Amazon wish list and the manga was on it. What I had forgotten to do is remove it from that list when I purchased the manga for myself a while back. In fact, I had completely forgotten I owned it until I was randomly looking through the photos on my phone and happened to see a picture I had taken of it. Oh well.

While in Nashville we decided to visit McKays which is this amazing store that sells used books, music, movies and all sorts of other things. The wife and I decided to give ourselves a modest budget of $50 a piece to buy what we wanted.

I landed on a nice Georges Simenon short story collection of Maigret tales and two nice boxed sets of DVDs. I love me some Greta Garbo, and I’m a sucker for those old gangster movies. I’m looking forward to watching them all.

4 thoughts on “The Christmas Haul

  1. Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year … I own/run a small business as well .. things come and go for sure.
    Hope it picks up for you this year …

    • Thank you. Things are already looking better than they were a year ago. We’ve got a long was to go before things are great, but I can see the light at the end of the darkness.

  2. Mat, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hear you about business fluctuations – I have a business of my own as well, as one-person marketing firm. Luckily companies and organizations pretty muchly always need some type of marketing, so I haven’t had it as rough overall as you this year.

    My Dad owns a grading construction firm and has worked in it (running a bulldozer for decades, then becoming the president later) and would echo what you’ve said – they’ve seen so many highs and lows of business.

    Hearing his tales about that for years, I hope and trust your business picks up. Possibly not in early 2023, based on what the tea leaves seem to be saying, but hopefully soon.

    Also – McKays is awesome! I’ve only been to the one in Chattanooga and it just ’bout blew my mind!

    • The construction business has been absolutely insane these last few years. Prices have skyrocketed. The price of lumber is finally going down, but so many other things continue to climb. Just got a notice last week that concrete is going up again. That’s like the fourth time it has done so in the last year.

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