Some Recent Pickups


I keep meaning to do stuff like this and I keep forgetting. In various places like Twitter and Reddit physical media collectors love to share their recent purchases and pickups. As I continue to try to make this blog my own personal social media space, I hope to do this here more often.

This collection is a mixture of things I recently bought, something my mother gave me and a few review pieces. The local used media shop periodically sends me coupons and last week I got a buy one get one deal and so I picked up a DVD copy of Criterion’s release of The Killers which is actually two films, two adaptations of the same Hemmingway story and Dario Argento’s Trauma. The films in the middle are all review copies which I’ll link to soon. The Dietrich book I picked up at a used store a few weeks back and my mother gave me a copy of The Irishman – I loved that film so I’m interested to see how the book is.

What have you guys picked up lately?

12 thoughts on “Some Recent Pickups

  1. I’m a big fan of Catherine Deneuve, i like pretty much all the films i’ve seen her in. I didn’t know there was a book of The Irishman, have not seen the film yet.

  2. A good week for me, even though there was nothing at the used record store I couldn’t live without – Poesy the Monster Slayer by Cory Doctorow, A Coat Dyed Black by Don Pugnetti Jr. and Dave’s Picks #45 by everybody’s favorite band.

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