6 thoughts on “Van Morrison – “Worried Man Blues”

  1. I like it more than I expected to! Van’s Covid perspectives have put a damper on my enthusiasm for his new material and concerts – I actually skipped his Atlanta show last year, which still amazes me – but this sounds good and is back to what he does best. And it’s upbeat.

  2. I softened a little on Van’s views when I learned he actually was raising money for gigging musicians who were struggling to make ends meet during the lockdowns. I still think he was wrong, but at least he was trying to help.

    And that’s as political as I’m gonna get in these pages.

    Last Record Project or whatever that thing was called was pretty terrible, but this does sound promising. Not top shelf Van but at least he seems to be having fun.

  3. Each of the songs I’ve heard so far from this album sound quite good. His last album “What’s It Going to Take” was much worse than “Last Record Project”. I could not get past the politics to listen to the songs It sounds like Van the musician is back which is a good thing.

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