Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Montreux, Switzerland (07/09/04) “Tribute To Ray Charles”

Van Morrison Tribute To Ray front

(bootleg CD) 2004
Softmusic Records (VM090704)
(First reported November 2004)
Montreux, Switzerland
July 9, 2004
Download MP3@192

Claude Nobs intro All Work and No Play
Have I Told You Lately that I Love You (Las Vegas Version)
I Believe to My Soul
Wild Night
Back on top
Georgia on My Mind
Going Down Geneva (Brand New Cadilla)
Early in the Morning
Precious Time (Scat Finale)
Just Like A Woman
Help Me
Streets of Arklow (You Don’t Pull No Punches etc.)
Little Village
Fast Train (with Solomon Burke)
Stand by Me (with Solomon Burke)
Gloria (Claude Nobs Outro)

Total time: (77:03)

Recorded at the Montreux Auditorium Stravinski,
Montreux, Switzerland, July 9th, 2004
As part of the Montreux Jazz Festival.
Guest Solomon Burke (R.I.P.) does a wonderful job this night with Van.
Check out the highlights to the show –
tracks #14 and #15,
Van and the late Solomon Burke rocking the House!

Special thanks to Original Uploader xxxballion for sharing this one from his Silvers Collection
several years ago with the Van Community.
(We miss you xxxballion)

Notes from the original uploader:
A Van fan from Switzerland writes:
“[This is] a new VM silver bootleg, allegedly produced in Australia, but I think it actually comes from Germany, Taken from an Excellent Audience Recording.

Liner Notes State:
Manufactured and distributed in Australia by Baelko MUSIC.
Cover artwork by The Fighter.
A Division of Victoria Studios Canada Ltd. 2450 Universal Park Ave, Willowdale, Ontario M2I 4A2.
Part of the unofficial website

From FreeMorrison

NEW Notes: April 2012
The Recording = A.
Thanks to the tapers, the recording has some great bass and treble – very punchy.
This one has the goods and plenty of kick!
This is a Collectors Item and a Joy to listen too, @ 77 minutes – burns perfectly to one disk.

Beautiful EAC Rip from long time friend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,xxxballion.

EAC CD Rip, EAC Log file included, Flows from track to track flawlessly.
Art Work from included, Original and Alternatives.

New Art Work @ 150dpi created by FM of Ray Charles “Driving the Tour Bus”.
(Just had to do it, sorry, but the Original Art is included – feel free to delete what you don’t like.)
TRL – Checked for sector boundary errors – none found.
Original FFP, New MD5, and Info and Tracklist text included.
Enjoy a wonderful CD Rip from one of Van’s biggest supporters – xxxballion.
Thanks xxxballion,
Much Respect for sharing this one with me and all your other EAC Rips.
Greatly Appreciated my friend.
FreeMorrison, April 9th, 2012

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pearl Jam – Reading, PA (10/01/04)


Pearl Jam
October 1, 2004
Sovereign Center: Reading, PA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Pre-Set Source: Geffel M20 > JKL DVC iii > M1 > FLAC > dEQ > FLAC
(First 25 seconds is CSB > D8 > SHN)
Main Set Source: Schoeps > DAT > SHN > dEQ > FLAC

Tapers: Schoeps Mafia (Main), cps (Pre)
dEQ: Leehro
Artwork: The Anonymous Fan

Disc 1:
01. Don’t Be Shy 03:49.00
02. Growin’ Up 04:02.22
03. Intro 01:14.25
04. Love Boat Captain 05:25.42
05. Animal 02:48.38
06. Brain Of J 02:55.36
07. Do The Evolution 05:34.43
08. Nothing As It Seems 05:52.49
09. Insignificance 04:42.60
10. The American In Me 02:21.32
11. Gimme Some Truth 03:32.66
12. Given To Fly 03:56.72
13. 1/2 Full 05:30.61
14. Sad 03:38.09
15. Go 03:10.10
16. Encore Break 1 07:44.11
17. Soon Forget 03:47.25
18. Elderly Woman 03:45.34
19. Masters Of War 06:03.66

Total: 79:56.26

Disc 2:
01. Intro 00:38.47
02. Nothingman 05:13.06
03. Crazy Mary 10:14.09
04. Last Kiss 03:27.14
05. Daughter 07:38.38
06. Bleed For Me 04:23.43
07. The New World& 03:41.49
08. Alive 08:17.41
09. Baba O’Riley 06:42.49
10. Yellow Ledbetter 05:33.34

Total: 55:50.30

& with Tim Robbins

Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons/TwoFeetThick):

After Ed finishes his preset, he says he’s going to read a statement, opens up a piece of paper and talks about bringing a conservative senator for Pennsylvania on stage to give the conservatives fair time. An old man with his legs draped in a flag comes out in a wheelchair and he begins to play a song while the crowd boos. He takes hold of the microphone and seems to be electrocuted and he falls and the lights go down. But when the lights return, it was all an act by Tim Robbins and the Gob Roberts set begins. Poor acoustics at this venue and a stack blows to make it worse. A big highlight is ‘Sad’ (a Binaural outtake appearing on the Lost Dogs release), played at a live show for the first time tonight. The acoustic set begins with Ed saying, “Anybody who is undecided, if you think about it, being undecided is really dangerous, and I have a perfect example: people with mullets. That’s indecision. “Do I want it short? Do I want it long? I just can’t take a stand.'” Then he introduces ‘Soon Forget’: “This is for the rich guys, the really rich guys, who love it when you don’t vote.” Ed later teases that will play ‘Bushleaguer,’ but instead play a “love song” (‘Nothingman’).

Tim Robbins helps out with ‘The New World’ again. Mike totally misses his solo in ‘Baba,’ then realizes he needs to play (with Stone and Ed both looking his way) and botches it.

Technical Notes:
The complete set of Vote For Change shows are being mixed/remastered and distributed by in tandem, as part of the BRY/SV series of the best PJ shows. Each show includes artwork, FLAC Fingerprints, SHNTOOL Reports, and this Text File. If the artwork is not included, you can find it at

Special thanks to the left coast mafia, cps, team dz, and

Compiled 10/01/2005 by Leehro

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Steve Earle – Brussels, Belgium (12/10/04)


Steve Earle & The Dukes
Ancienne Belgique
Brussels, Belgium
10 December 2004

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 Intro (The Revolution Will Not Be Televised)
02 The Revolution Starts…
03 Home To Houston
04 Conspiracy Theory *
05 Ashes To Ashes
06 Taneytown
07 Amerika v 6.0 (The Best We Can Do)
08 What’s A Simple Man To Do?
09 Warrior
10 The Gringo’s Tale
11 talk
12 Rich Man’s War
13 Goodbye
14 Comin’ Around *
15 You’re Still Standin’ There *
16 Mystery Train Part II
17 Copperhead Road
18 Condi, Condi
19 I Thought You Should Know

20 Christmas In Washington
21 Jerusalem
22 The Seeker
23 Transcendental Blues
24 F The CC
25 Revolution
26 The Revolution Starts Now
– encore
27 John Walker’s Blues
28 Guitar Town
29 Sweet Virginia *

30 Band Intros
31 Isn’t It A Pity *
32 Time Has Come Today *

* w/ Allison Moorer

Source: SP-CMC-10 > battery SP-SPSB-1 ( 160 Hz ) > DAT Sony TCD-D8 > Pioneer CD recorder > EAC > WAV > mkwACT > SHN

Excellent quality DAT audience recording, generally held to be one of the best of the tour so far.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pearl Jam – Toledo, OH (10/02/04)

Pearl Jam
October 2, 2004
Toledo Sports Arena: Toledo, OH

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: [Schoeps > DAT] + [DPA4022 > SX-M2 > SBM-1 > D100] > CD Wave > FLAC
Tapers: Schoeps Mafia, George Wang
Mix/Edit: Leehro
Artwork: The Anonymous Fan

Disc 1:
01. Intro 00:30.08
02. I Am A Patriot 03:33.57
03. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away 02:57.37
04. Intro 01:23.29
05. Long Road 05:07.02
06. Corduroy 05:01.27
07. Hail Hail 03:36.09
08. Save You 03:47.00
09. The American In Me 02:57.65
10. Cropduster 04:02.50
11. I Am Mine 03:45.15
12. Wishlist 09:33.00
13. Better Man 04:56.45
14. I Believe In Miracles 03:58.10
15. Even Flow 07:14.45
16. Bleed For Me 03:57.23
17. Alive 06:22.13

Total: 72:43.60

Disc 2:

01. Encore Break 1 00:43.12
02. Thumbing My Way 04:27.70
03. Elderly Woman 03:47.38
04. Black 09:43.33
05. Encore Break 2 02:39.29
06. Harvest Moon^ 05:39.02
07. Encore Break 3 00:52.10
08. All Along The Watchtower+ 08:05.68
09. Act Of Love% 05:35.00
10. Cortez The Killer# 10:19.13
11. Rockin’ In The Free World% 10:31.58 – Missing

Total: 62:24.33

^ with Neil and Pegi Young
+ with Neil Young
% with Neil and Pegi Young and Peter Frampton
# with Neil Young and Peter Frampton

Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons/TwoFeetThick):
Big, big show with Neil Young heard soundchecking with the band. Toward the start of the show, Ed quote some statistics:
“Four percent of the whole US population is in Ohio. You account for 25% of the jobs that have been lost in the last four years. That’s staggering. And this is a swing state?” At the end of the acoustic set, Ed says something about a friend “… who came a long way, I thought to see us, but really I think he came out to see you” and Neil and Pegi Young take the stage. ‘Harvest Moon’ ends the acoustic set and is just Ed and Pegi on vocals with Neil playing acoustic guitar. The encore songs include Neil (obviously) and the final three songs also include Neil’s wife Pegi, plus Peter Frampton For ‘Act of Love,’ Ed and Pegi stand to one side providing vocals, with Neil fronting. Neil tells the crowd to get friends registered to vote and “… maybe we can turn this whole thing around.”


Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Tom Waits – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (11/21/04)

Tom Waits
Koninklijk Theater Carre
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Download: FLAC/MP3

Radio 1 FM Broadcast (9.8.2005)
MaCD (Tascam CD-RW 700) > EAC > CDwave > FLAC

Hoist That Rag
Make It Rain
Jockey Full Of Bourbon
Don’t Go Into That Barn
Sins Of My Father
Straight To The Top
God’s Away On Business
Misery’s The River Of The World
Eyeball Kid
Walk Away
Metropolitan Glide
What’s He Building In There?
Shake It

16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six
Trampled Rose
House Where Nobody Lives
Lucky Day

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pearl Jam – Grand Rapids, MI (10/03/04)

Pearl Jam
October 3, 2004
Delta Plex: Grand Rapids, MI

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: [Schoeps > DAT] + [Dynamic Audio Binaurals > DA-120F > IRiver 120] > CD Wave > FLAC

Tapers: Schoeps Mafia, sullen
Mix/Edit: Leehro
Artwork: The Anonymous Fan

Disc 1:
01. Intro 01:07.56
02. Dead Man 04:21.22
03. Throw Your Arms Around Me 03:52.72
04. Gob Roberts Intro 01:33.61
05. Intro 00:29.43
06. Breakerfall 02:42.59
07. Last Exit 02:32.27
08. Save You 03:47.36
09. Do The Evolution 03:55.19
10. Even Flow 07:31.58
11. Light Years 04:47.50
12. Sad 03:20.44
13. Not For You 05:29.09
14. Whipping 02:45.28
15. 1/2 Full 04:53.51
16. Bleed For Me 03:40.14
17. Blood 03:18.15

Total: 60:09.64

Disc 2:
01. Encore Break 1 03:46.15
02. Millworker 04:43.45
03. Elderly Woman 04:30.48
04. Footsteps 05:25.44
05. Masters Of War 06:31.30
06. Crazy Mary 07:56.00
07. Encore Break 2 00:47.34
08. Given To Fly 04:49.73
09. Daughter 08:13.22
10. Insignificance 05:20.37
11. The New World 03:58.69
12. Kick Out The Jams 03:43.18
13. Encore Break 3 01:36.48
14. Alive 06:01.18
15. Yellow Ledbetter 05:48.14

Total: 73:12.65

From the original uploader:

Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons/TwoFeetThick):Show begins with a great run of high energy songs. ‘Light Years’ is dedicated to Johnny Ramone and ‘Sad’ is dedicated to Linda. A new cover,’Millworker’ is by James Taylor, and starts the acoustic set with Ed
playing solo. ‘Masters Of War’ includes the changed lyrics,”… for threatening my daughter, just born and just named.” The ‘Song X’ tag is particularly appropriate given the times and the cause. Tim Robbins helps out with ‘The New World’ again. The second encore concludes on a high note with another new cover, ‘Kick Out The Jams’ by the radical, Michigan-based band, the MC5. Solid show and setlist.

Technical Notes:
The complete set of Vote For Change shows are being mixed/remastered and distributed by in tandem with, as part of the BRY/SV series of the best PJ shows. Each show includes artwork,FLAC Fingerprints, SHNTOOL Reports, and this Text File. If the artwork is not included, you can find it at

Special thanks to the left coast mafia, team dz, sullen, and

Compiled 09/24/2005 by Leehro

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pearl Jam – Kissimmee, FL (10/08/04)

Pearl Jam
October 8, 2004
Silver Spurs Arena: Kissimmee, FL

Download: FLAC/MP3

Pre-Set Source: DPA4061 > mod SBM-1 > PCM-M1 > DAT-M > FLAC
Main Set Source: Schoeps CCM4s > Aerco > SBM-1 > TCD D8 > FLAC > dEQ > FLAC
Taper: Schoeps Mafia
Artwork: The Anonymous Fan

Disc 1:
01. Trouble 03:28.50
02. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away 02:58.27
03. Last Exit 03:03.55
04. Animal 02:41.48
05. Save You 03:31.38
06. American In Me 03:05.74
07. Even Flow 07:29.34
08. 1/2 Full 05:07.17
09. Given To Fly 03:39.04
10. Wishlist 07:16.01
11. In My Tree 05:43.04
12. Timeless Melody* 03:23.08
13. Rearviewmirror 09:22.03
14. Lukin 01:01.02
15. I Am Mine 04:05.50
16. Nothingman 04:59.07
17. Last Kiss 03:14.27

Total: 74:09.74

Disc 2:
01. Black 08:06.71
02. jazz improv/toaster improv 05:54.32
03. Corduroy 04:45.56
04. Do The Evolution 06:21.72
05. Betterman/(Save It For Later) 06:58.32
06. Daughter/(Blitzkrieg Pop) 07:17.66
07. I Believe In Miracles 04:09.25
08. The New World& 03:45.49
09. Fortunate Son 03:29.56
10. Alive 11:36.54
11. Rockin’ In The Free World 06:32.47
12. Yellow Ledbetter 06:38.39

Total: 75:37.74

* with Ben Gibbard from Death Cab
& with Tim Robbins

Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Reykjavik, Iceland (10/02/04)

Van Morrison
Reykjavik Iceland
Jazz Fest
October 2, 2004

Download MP3@192: Amazon

Good Morning blues
All Work no Play
Fire In The belly
Talk Is Cheap
Philosophers Stone
Choppin Wood
Early In The Morning
Whinin’Boy Moan

have I Told You lately
In the afternoon/Ancient Highway
Days Like This
Thats Life
jackie wilson said
Stop Drinking
It’s all In the Game/make It Real One More Time
And The healing Has begun


Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Edinburgh, Scotland (08/06/04)


Van Morrison
Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival
The Playhouse
Edinburgh, Scotland
August 6, 2004

Download FLAC/MP3

Source: Unknown audience recording.

CD 1:
01. Goiní Up The River [Barber]
02. Whatícha Gonna Do? [Barber]
03. The Thrill Is Gone [Farlowe]
04. Love You Baby [Farlowe]
05. Good Morning Blues
06. All Work And No Play
07. Goldfish Bowl
08. Whininí Boy Moan
09. When The Leaves Come Falling Down
10. Dedications(!)/Have I Told You Lately
11. Sometimes We Cry [Morrison & Farlowe]
12. Kansas City [Morrison & Farlowe]

CD 2:
01. Streets Of Arklow > You Don’t Pull No Punches, But You Don’t Push The River
02. All Saints Day
03. Early In The Morning (ëBout The Break Of Day)
04. Mule Skinner Blues
05. Saint James Infirmary
06. Stop Drinking
07. Fast Train [Morrison & Farlowe]
08. Dead Or Alive
09. Tore Down A La Rimbaud
10. Precious Time
11. Stand By Me [Morrison & Farlowe]
12. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue [Morrison & Farlowe]
13. Gloria [Morrison & Farlowe]

Total time = 111:16

Personnel: Van Morrison, Richard Dunn, Ned Edwards, David Hayes, Matt Holland, Bobby Irwin, & Martin Winning.

Guests: Chris Barber & Chris Farlowe


Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – San Francisco, CA (04/04/04)


Van Morrison
April 4, 2004
Masonic Auditorium
San Francisco, California USA
source: audience recording -> ? -> SHN

Download: SHN/MP3
01. Inarticulate Speech of The Heart #1
02. Have I Told You Lately (Las Vegas Version)
03. Once In A Blue Moon
04. Back On Top
05. In The Midnight
06. All Work And No Play
07. Into The Mystic
08. Whining Boy Moan
09. Wonderful Remark
10. Little Village
11. One Irish Rover
12. That’s Life
13. Stop Drinking
14. Philosopher’s Stone
15. Fire in the Belly
16. Precious Time
17. All In The Game > You Know What They’re Writing About > Make It Real One More Time > Rainbow 65
18. And The Healing Has Begun
19. Gloria

John Allair
Ned Edwards
David Hayes
Matt Holland
Bobby Irwin
Martin Winning