Bob Weir – Marin County, CA (xx/xx/71)

Bob Weir
1971 Demos for Ace LP

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These are solo acoustic references made with lyricist John Barlow, recorded at Bob’s Marin home during Fall of 1971. Sourced from pre-FM production CD made by David Gans for one of his KPFA Dead Marathon pledge drives a few years ago. Some of Weir’s most beloved songs in their embryonic stage. “C Shuffle” is an early development of “Walk In The Sunshine.” The unknown song is nice and is unique to these reference recordings.

1 C Shuffle 1
2 unknown song 1
3 Cassidy 1
4 Black Throated Wind
5 Weather Report Prelude
6 Jack Straw
7 Cassidy 2
8 C Shuffle 2
9 unknown song 2

10,000 Maniacs – In My Tribe Demos

10,000 Maniacs
In My Tribe Demos

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The Complete “In My Tribe” demos
circa 1987

* 2015 re-seed *

Torrent: 192994
Title: 10,000 Maniacs COMPLETE “In My Tribe Demos” 1987 – SB/FLAC
Size: 437.31 MB
Category: Alternate
Uploaded by: judgesmails

Source: SB > ? > silver CD “In My Tribe Demos” (Blast Records) purchased by me in 1996 > FLAC

Sound quality: A-

Track list:

  1. Hey Jack Kerouac
  2. What’s the Matter Here?
  3. A Campfire Song (no Stipe vocal)
  4. Poison in the Well
  5. City of Angels
  6. My Sister Rose
  7. Like the Weather
  8. Cherry Tree
  9. The Painted Desert
  10. Don’t Talk
  11. The Biggest Charm (unreleased)
  12. Verdi Cries
  13. Verdi Cries (alternate take)
  14. Hey Jack Kerouac (alternate take)
  15. Gun Shy
  16. My Sister Rose (alternate take)
  17. The Painted Desert (alternate take)
  18. Don’t Talk (alternate take)
  19. Cherry Tree (alternate take)

This material is taken from the silver CD “In My Tribe Demos”, pressed by Blast Records
in the mid-1990s.

My favorite song by far is the unreleased original “The Biggest Charm”, which is more of
a traditional rock song that would sound at home on “Secrets of the I Ching” or “The
Wishing Chair”. It clearly didn’t fit the “In My Tribe” vibe, and I assume that it was
discarded for that reason. (It would have made a great b-side, though).

Interesting to note that “Poison in the Well” is still under consideration at this point,
although we know it ultimately remained unreleased until “Blind Man’s Zoo” in 1989.

I’ve read that producer Peter Asher forced the band to use a drum machine on some
songs, and on this set “What’s the Matter Here?” sure sounds drum machine-y to me. On the
second set of “In My Tribe” demos (to be uploaded momentarily), the “what’s the Matter” drums
sound different / live. Feel free to disagree – that’s just my opinion.

For the record, I generally can’t tell the difference between each song and their
“alternate takes”. Don’t expect radical differences from one version to the next, because
they are virtually identical to each other. That being said, the alternate take of “The
Painted Desert” includes vocals right to the end of the song, but on the non-alternate take
(track #9) Natalie doesn’t sing the last couple of words, “…be there.” so, at least in
that one case, there is a difference between the two (albeit a very slight difference).

“In My Tribe” demos (2nd set)
circa 1987 – certainly compiled later than the 1st set (uploaded separately)

Source: SB > ? > CD received in trade > FLAC

Sound quality: A-

Track list:

  1. Peace Train
  2. Gun Shy
  3. A Campfire Song (with early Stipe vocal)
  4. Hey Jack Kerouac
  5. My Sister Rose
  6. The Painted Desert
  7. Cherry Tree
  8. Walden (piano instrumental)
  9. Don’t Talk
  10. What’s the Matter Here?
  11. The Biggest Charm
  12. Verdi Cries
  13. City of Angels
  14. Like the Weather

This is the second set of “In My Tribe” demos, which had clearly been recorded and/or
compiled chronologially later than the first set (uploaded separately).

“Peace Train” makes its first appearance, but it doesn’t sound very much like the
finished version. It’s an interesting curiosity, but I can’t say that it’s particularly

As mentioned in my previous upload (the first set of “IMT” demos), I’ve read that producer
Peter Asher forced the band to use a drum machine on some songs. Although some of the songs
in the first set (particularly “What’s the Matter Here?”) seemed to use a drum machine,
most of the percussion in this set sounds like Jerry’s live drums.

In the 1st set of “IMT” demos, “A Campfire Song” did not yet have Michael Stipe’s vocal
contribution. However, this version does include his singing, though I’m not certain
that it’s the final Stipe vocal that we actually hear on the final album version.

Interestingly, “Poison in the Well” isn’t included in this set of demos, but it looks like
“The Biggest Charm” was still under consideration. That song was obviously dropped prior
to the album’s completion, never to be officially released.

“Walden” is a pretty piano piece, but nothing of great significance.

There is a jump/skip in the middle of “Gun Shy”. Sorry – it’s on my copy, too.

John Lennon – It’s Gonna Be Alright

John Lennon
It’s Gonna Be Alright
Yellow Dog Masters Choice

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Source: Silver CD > EAC > Flac Frontend > You

CD 1
1. Mother [alternate mix with alternate vocal and longer fade] 5:02
2. Hold On [take 1] 3:13
3. Hold On [take 2] 2:52
4. I Found Out [rough ëcarl wolfí mix] 3:57
5. Working Class Hero [censored version] 3:47
6. Remember [take unknown] 0:50
7. Remember [take unknown] 3:21
8. Itíll Be Me [improvisation] 1:17
9. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 1:19
10. (Youíre So Square) Baby I Donít Care [improvisation] 0:24
11. Love [acoustic guitar/piano rehearsal] 0:40
12. Well, Well, Well [rough mix] 5:54
13. Look At Me [rough mix] 2:51
14. God [acoustic guitar demo] 3:42
15. God [acoustic home demo] 2:11
16. My Mummyís Dead [complete acoustic guitar demo] 1:15
17. Hold On [unknown up-tempo take] 1:05
18. Hold On [take 30] 1:00
19. Hold On [instrumental take unknown] 2:15
20. Hold On [take unknown] 1:55
21. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 2:40
22. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 2:03
23. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 2:29
24. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 1:29

CD 2
1. Love [piano rehearsal] 1:09
2. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 1] 4:02
3. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 2] 3:02
4. Love [improvisation] 0:41
5. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 14] 1:33
6. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 15] 3:18
7. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 16] 3:58
8. Love [acoustic guitar/piano takes 17 & 18] 1:26
9. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 19] 3:09
10. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 20] 1:09
11. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 21] 3:12
12. Love [acoustic guitar/piano takes 21 & 22] 0:40
13. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 23] 3:13
14. Hold On [take 3] 1:52
15. Hold On [take 4] 2:17
16. Hold On [take 5] 1:52
17. Hold On [take 6] 2:48
18. Hold On [take unknown] 3:33
19. Hold On [take unknown] 0:55
20. Hold On [take unknown] 1:54
21. Hold On [take unknown] 1:52
22. Hold On [take unknown] 2:04
23. Look At Me [take unknown] 0:48
24. Hold On [take unknown] 1:52
25. Hold On [take unknown] 1:53
26. Hold On [take unknown] 2:05
27. Hold On [take unknown] 2:27

Summary: Full artwork, EAC log file and .cue file included.

Outtakes from the first solo album.
First disc has an alternate version of the album plus outtakes of Love, Hold On John and Remember.
Second disc has outtakes of Hold On John and Love.
Beautiful packaging in an extra large 14 x 16 cm hardback book with 20 full color pages.

Grateful Dead – Unknown Location (xx/xx/xx) “Lovelight Rehearsals”

Grateful Dead
Unknown date, probably early to mid 1967 (formerly “November 19, 1967”)
Unknown location
practice session

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Recording Info:
Source #1: SBD -> ?? -> 7th gen cassette (stereo) -> wav -> FLAC
Source #2: SBD -> ?? -> unknown gen cassette (mono) -> CDR -> wav via EAC -> FLAC
This is a tagged version of shnid: 125314

d1t01 – Lovelight take 1         [0:41] = [0:22] ; Lovelight [0:17] ; [0:02] ;
d1t02 – Lovelight take 2         [1:26] = Lovelight [0:44] ; [0:42] ;
d1t03 – Lovelight take 3         [2:16] = Lovelight [0:47] ; [1:29] ;
d1t04 – Lovelight take 4         [2:04] = Lovelight [0:33] ; [1:31] ;
d1t05 – Lovelight take 5         [1:05] = Lovelight [0:57] ; [0:08] ;
d1t06 – Lovelight take 6        [10:57] = Lovelight [10:52] ; [0:05] ;
d1t07 – dead air             [7:04] = [7:04]
d1t08 – “let it shine” vocal rehearsals     [3:06] = [3:06]
d1t09 – Lovelight take 7         [0:58] = Lovelight [0:45] ; (1) [0:13] ;
d1t10 – Lovelight take 8         [0:34] = Lovelight [0:32] ; [0:02] ;
d1t11 – Lovelight take 9         [0:55] = Lovelight [0:38] ; [0:17] ;
d1t12 – Lovelight take 10         [1:26] = Lovelight [0:43] ; (2)[0:43] ;
d1t13 – Lovelight take 11         [2:46] = Lovelight [2:13] ; [0:33] ;
d1t14 – Lovelight take 12         [1:44] = Lovelight [0:48] ; [0:56] ;
d1t15 – Lovelight take 13         [2:25] = Lovelight [1:41] ; (3) [0:44] ;
d1t16 – Lovelight take 14         [2:38] = Lovelight [2:06] ; [0:32] ;
d1t17 – Lovelight take 15//         [2:47] = Lovelight [2:47#]

(1) Jerry: “It should be loud because that’s the melody you know. It should be out over the others.”

(2) Jerry: “Let’s go over it a time or two and get the arrangement. Hey Pig, do you want to do two verses and then into that uh drum business?  Well let’s, let’s decide that because that, that’s uh…”  Phil: “Bring some more grub man.”  Jerry: “Ok that would be the stomp because…”

(3) How many verses do you want to go through on Lovelight?  I think two, two and then a drum thing. And then after, after the bridge come on back and start get back into Lovelight.  Play it man. And you’ll have to play organ too. Give us a signal then, at the end. At the end, go back into the regular bar solo. Go back into the regular again. Go back into a regular verse at the end and go ‘shine, shine, shine, let it shine’.

Notes from the original uploader:

Source #1: 7th gen cassette (stereo) was used for takes 2-14 (tracks 2 through 16).
Source #2: unknown gen cassette (mono) was used for takes 1 and 15 (tracks 1 and 17).
Source #2 was of lower quality, but had an extra take at the beginning and another at the end,
The take numbers are not spoken on the recording, but are listed for reference.

This was commonly traded on cassette, dated as “11/19/67”.  The 45 minute segment has never circulated in digital format till now, with the exception of take 6 which is part of:

as well as:

This Lovelight practice session is now labelled as gd67-xx-xx.  There are several reasons to conclude it was made before November 19, 1967 – in fact before August 5, 1967 (currently the earliest known live Lovelight):

– Most importantly, from the talking between takes it is clear they are working out the arrangement. Maybe this the first time they are playing it?

– Definitely only one drummer
– Pigpen sings it a bit differently; in fact he only sings the first verse, over and over.
– The band doesn’t have any backing vocals except the “let it shine” bit, which was dropped & never appears live.
– The guitar parts are much simpler – on 8/5/67 they’re a lot more complex & bouncy.
– They don’t have a transition after the first verse.  By 8/5/67 they have a smoother drum transition.
– Garcia doesn’t have his soloing down for this song at all, and doesn’t seem to have worked out any part other than the chords.

Grateful Dead – San Francisco, CA (12/05/66)

Grateful Dead
1st Album Outtakes – San Francisco CA
Studio Rehearsals

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Source: sbd>mc>cass>cd>eac>shn
This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 23064

01. I Know Your Rider
02. Cold Rain and Snow
03. Cream Puff War
04. Sitting on Top of the World
05. The Same Thing
06. Stealin’
07. New Minglewood Blues
08. Your Sons and Daughters *
09. Fire in the City *

* Jon Hendricks and the Warlocks

EAC\SHN by Teri Kimbro (RamblinRose)
any problems contact me at
Editing down with Cool Edit Pro
Retracked using CDwav
Sector Boundries confirmed with SHNtool
MKWact used to compress to SHN

Van Morrison – The Bedroom Tape (1964-1967)

The Bedroom Tape 1964-1967

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01. I Was Born To Sing The Blues [aka That’s All I Know]
02. All Night Long
03. Wild Mountain Thyme
04. Gloria [aka You’re The One]
05. Spanish Rose
06. Walking In The Queen’s Garden
07. Harmonica Breakdown [instrumental]
08. T.B. Sheets

SOURCE: unknown
LINEAGE: unknown generation cassette tape > CD-R > EAC wav > Trader’s Little Helper flac level 8 > Dime

This was treed via the Van Morrison trading groups in 2000. I wrote the original liner notes (below) and the artwork was created by Robert Glenn Plotner. The cover photo comes from a photocopy of an original photo loaned to me by Janet “Planet” Minto, which was taken @early 1967.

These songs seem to have been, by the scant bit of fact & fiction surrounding them, recorded sometime between 1964 and 1967. The original source tape may have been sent (so rumored) by Violet Morrison (Van’s mother) to a fanclub in Holland (called “His Mysterious Strength”, at Van’s suggestion) sometime during 1967 (along with notes referring to recording with The Sweet Inspirations in NYC). The overall sound quality of these recordings is, frankly, terrible. But, their historical significance is priceless. The audio generation/history of these recordings is unknown, as is pretty much everything else about them.

“I Was Born To Sing The Blues” (aka “That’s All I Know”) is in the style of early John Lee Hooker.

“All Night Long” (so titled on the the source tapes) includes backup singers, possibly The Sweet Inspirations, and may be from the first Bang studio sessions (March 28-29, 1967). The standout chorus though sounds more like “Call my name”. Whatever the correct title, it does have a “Twist and Shout” style to it, a song that was penned by Bert Berns, thus this is likely also a Berns composition recorded by Van at his suggestion.

“Gloria” (aka “You’re the One”) may be an early take of that song (which would place it possibly as early as 1964?), but it is difficult to say, let alone to distinguish the lyrics. What can be heard at points throughout, aside from “you’re the one”, are mentions of “Bo Diddley” (whom Van met in Los Angeles in the first week of August 1966), “do you remember?”, “I’m the one”, and what sounds like Van spelling out “G-A-M” (though, due to the muddy sound, it could be “G-I-M”, as in George Ivan Morrison)…”I’m the one”. On the promo interview for “The Healing Game” Van states that Gloria was conceived as “a Muddy Waters / Bo Diddley sort of thing”.

“Spanish Rose” is likely a pre-Bang demo (before March 28, 1967), possibly as early as late-1966 when Van was trying to figure out what to do next while cagily stuck in Belfast performing with a hand-picked band dubbed THEM AGAIN.

“Walking In The Queen’s Garden” is probably an early version of a song by the same name later recorded in late-1967 by Them (after Van left) on their “Now And Them” album (released 1/68). Jim Armstrong (guitarist with Them from late-1965 through their US tour with Van, and afterwards) explained, “‘Walking In The Queen’s Garden’ is one we used to do with Van. It’s based on an old Howlin’ Wolf lick.” Armstrong has also mentioned that this was a song that Them were practicing during their West Coast US tour during the summer of 1966.

“Harmonica Breakdown” (correct title, if there is a title, unknown) is probably an emulation of Little Walter’s style, whom Van had met, and run errands for (to pick up Chinese food), while rooming at a hotel in London during Them’s first visit in mid/late-1964. In return, Little Walter showed him some techniques with the harp.

“T.B. Sheets” is, again, likely a pre-Bang demo. 16 minutes of improvisational blues, extremely raw, but from which emerged a notable early studio recording, an early rock genre “death blues” which generated a point of conjecture as to its “inspiration”. Some books & articles have zeroed in on this song as stemming from a real-life tragic relationship…there are stories of Van emerging from the BANG studio recordings for this spent & sobbing, all of which Van Morrison denies as fiction.

Bob Dylan – 1978 LA Spring Sessions, Rehearsals & Concerts

Bob Dylan
Pink Panter Records

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All songs played on the tour leg are represented here.
Sound quality is, for the most part, exceptional.
Duplicated songs are from the rehearsals & the last Street Legal recording session.

Rundown Studios
Santa Monica, California
April 1978

Jerry Scheff Audition

1.We Better Talk This Over
2.I Threw It All Away
3.Maggie’s Farm
4.Ballad Of A Thin Man
5.Simple Twist Of Fate
6.To Ramona
7.If You See Her, Say Hello
8.I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
9.Love Minus Zero/No Limit

The Rundown Rehearsal Tapes (White Bear / 009-010-011-012)

Rundown Studios
Santa Monica, California
1 May 1978
5th Street-Legal session, produced by Don DeVito.

10.Coming From The Heart (The Road Is Long) (Bob Dylan & Helena Springs)
11.Stop Now (Bob Dylan & Helena Springs) [fast version]
12.Stop Now (Bob Dylan & Helena Springs) [slow version]

Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2 (Scorpio / GZ H21975-H2202-H21930)

Coming From The Heart (The Road Is Long)
Stop Now [slow version]

Genuine Bootleg Series (Scorpio / 94-14-01/02/03)

Stop Now (Fast Version)

Universal Amphitheater
Los Angeles, California
1 June 1978

13.Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
14.You’re A Big Girl Now
15.One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)
16.The Man In Me

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 instrumental without Bob Dylan.

Taper: Mike Millard;
first gen via JEMS

The Lost and Found Mike the MICrophone Tapes Vol. One
Equipment: AKG 451E mics (CK-1 capsules) > Nakamichi 550

JEMS 2014 ;
Transfer: first-generation reel copy (3-3/4 IPS) made by Mike Millard for SG >
Otari 5050 mkII azimuth-adjusted transfer > Sound Devices USBPre 2 >
Audacity 2.0 (24/96) capture > iZotope RX3 > Peak 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5 (pitch correction) >
iZotope RX MBIT+ resample 16/44.1 > Peak Pro XT (indexed) > xACT 2.2.1 > FLAC

Universal Amphitheater
Los Angeles, California
3 June 1978

17.Mr Tambourine Man
18.Shelter From The Storm
19.Maggie’s Farm
20.I Donít Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
21.SeÒor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
22.Masters Of War
23.Just Like A Woman
24.To Ramona
25.All I Really Want To Do
26.The Times They Are A-Changin’

Taper: Mike Millard;
The Lost and Found Mike the MICrophone Tapes Vol. Two

Mike Millard first generation tape;
Equipment: AKG 451E mics (CK-1 capsules) > Nakamichi 550

JEMS 2014;
Transfer: first-generation reel copy (3-3/4 IPS) made by Mike Millard for SG >
Otari 5050 mkII azimuth-adjusted transfer > Sound Devices USBPre 2 >
Audacity 2.0 (24/96) capture > iZotope RX3 > Peak 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5 (pitch correction) >
iZotope RX MBIT+ resample 16/44.1 > Peak Pro XT (Indexed) >
xACT 2.21 > FLAC

Universal Amphitheater
Los Angeles, California
4 June 1978

27.Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

1978 Los Angeles residency concert # 4.
1978 concert # 27.
Concert # 4 with the 1978 World Tour

Compiler: Les Kokay (LK);
from LK 78 set

Universal Amphitheater
Los Angeles, California
5 June 1978

28.It Ain’t Me, Babe

1978 Los Angeles residency concert # 5.
1978 concert # 28.
Concert # 5 with the 1978 World Tour


Universal Amphitheater
Los Angeles, California
6 June 1978

29.Is Your Love In Vain?

Compiler: Les Kokay (LK);
from LK 78 set

Universal Amphitheater
Los Angeles, California
7 June 1978

30.A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
31.Love Her With A Feeling (Tampa Red)
32.Baby Stop Crying
33.Love Minus Zero / No Limit
34.Tangled Up In Blue
35.Ballad Of A Thin Man
36.Like A Rolling Stone
37.I Shall Be Released
38.Going, Going, Gone
39.One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)
40.Blowin’ In The Wind
41.I Want You
42.Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
43.Simple Twist Of Fate
44.Oh, Sister (Bob DylanñJacques Levy/Bob Dylan)
45.All Along The Watchtower
46.Band Intro
47.It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
48.Forever Young

1978 Los Angeles residency concert # 7.
1978 concert # 30.
Concert # 7 with the 1978 World Tour

A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall instrumental without Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan (harmonica) on:
Love Minus Zero / No Limit,
Simple Twist Of Fate.

Taper: Mike Millard (MM);
The Lost and Found Mike the MICrophone Tapes Vol. Four
First gen via JEMS

Tape B;
Transfer: JEMS 2014;
Equipment: Nakamichi CM-50 microphones > Uher CR-240 cassette recorder

first-generation reel copy (3-3/4 IPS) made by Mike Millard for SG >
Otari 5050 mkII azimuth-adjusted transfer > Sound Devices USBPre 2 >
Audacity 2.0 (24/96) capture > pitch correction > iZotope RX MBIT+ resample 16/44.1 >
Peak Pro XT (volume smoothing / edit / index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC

Grateful Dead – Aoxomoxoa Studio Outtakes

Grateful Dead
Aoxomoxoa Studio Sessions Outtakes 1969

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Sandy Troy’s TC366 3.75ips Reel->DAT2->CDR
Alan Bershaw’s A1040SL 7.5ips Reel->DAT->CDR supplies tracks 12 & 13
This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shind: 16760
Cd > eac > cool edit pro > shntool > cdwav > shnv3 by Ernie Dodd

01 Saint Stephen ->
02 The Eleven #
03 The Barbed Wire Whipping Party *
04 Doing That Rag #1 &
05 Duprees Diamond Blues %
06 -unknown instrumental-
07 China Cat Sunflower @
08 Cosmic Charlie
09 Doing That Rag #2 !
10 Mountains Of The Moon ^
11 What’s Become Of The Baby? $
12. Rosemary
13. Mountains Of The Moon

# Skip at the beginning of The Eleven, the jam at the end fades out
* 0:06- Barbed Wire removed small cut,0:41- removed pop in left channel
(!=pop “the B!arbed wire…”) 0:57- removed pop
& 1:02- The Rag small bit of noise I could not remove, its hardly audible
3:13-3:19 fade out & in small subsecond silence removed,
% Dupree’s fades in
@ 1:25-1:28 fade out & in
! 0:30- 3 seconds of silence
^ 0:30- removed small noise sounding like tape starting
immediately following a cut and prior to any music or Jerry singing starts
$ 2:49- noise and cut present

From the original uploader:
I did not want to edit this too much because these are rought cuts and the flaws are part of the character. Instead, I tried to note them. Only minor editing was performed as described above. Additionally, I did take out a few of the small segments of silence between tracks. I did not make any adjustments to the levels.

Discs were kindly provided by Stu Hanson who comments below:

These copies kick the sh*t out of the versions circulating from those Unsurpassed Masters bootleg CDs. These derive from a 3.75ips reel belonging to Sandy Troy with two additional tracks supplied by a 7.5ips reel belonging to Alan Bershaw.

Sandy’s reel has all the material that has circulated before and its likely that many of the copies out there trace back to this reel. We *think* this material derives from the original 8 track studio sessions (that were abandoned in favor of using the first 16 track, which had just become available in 1969.)

The two cuts from Alan’s reel, Rosemary & Mountains Of The Moon, sound like the same versions recorded for the album, but they seem to be only Garcia’s acoustic guitar and vocal tracks, without all the overdubs. They are definitely not to be confused with the earlier mixes that were originally
released on the 1969 version of the album. These two tracks have not circulated widely. They are both excellent quality and very beautiful!

Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler – The Complete Recording Sessions 1979-1986

Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler
The Complete Recording Sessions 1979-1986
Compilation Soundboard/Audience

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive


DISC ONE (the outtakes):
1. Trouble in Mind 4.51
2. Ye Shall Be changed 4.09
3. Blind Willie McTell (acoustic version) 5.53
4. Someone’s Got A Hold Of My Heart 4.33
5. Tell Me 4.25
6. Lord Protect My Child 3.57
7. Foot of Pride 5.58
8. Death Is Not The End 5.10
9. Julius And Ethel 4.47
10. This Was My Love 4.09
11. Blind Willie McTell (electric version) 4.56
12. Angel Flying Too Close 4.46
13. Straight A’s In Love 2.23
14. Clean Cut Kid 6.49
15. Don’t Fly Unless It’s Safe 3.16
16. Dark Groove 2.48
17. Trouble in Mind 4.16

Total time: 77:08

Track #1: This is the uncut version with an extra verse.
Perfect sound quality. Never officially released.
Track #2-8: Perfect sound quality.
Track #9-11: The sound quality varies. Never officially released.
Track #12 b-side.
Track #13-16: The sound quality varies. Never officially released.
Track #17: b-side. Same recording as track #1 but with one verse cut.

DISC TWO (the alternative versions):
1. Jokerman 6.22
2. Sweetheart Like You 4.15
3. Neighbourhood Bully 4.38
4. License To Kill 3.31
5. Man Of Peace 6.35
6. Union Sundown 5.06
7. I and I 4.30
8. Don’t Fall Apart On Me Tonight 5.48
9. Foot Of Pride (version #2) 6.01
10. Someone’s Gotta Hold of My Heart (version #2) 5.05
11. Tell Me (version #2) 4.35
12. Lord Protect My child (version #2) 4.41
13. Death Is Not The End (version #2) 5.02
14. Angel Flying Too Close (version #2) 4.06
15. This Was My Love (version #2) 3.46
16. Julius and Ethel 4.41

Total time: 78:53

Tracks #1-8: Alternative versions of the Infidels songs.
Tracks #9-15: Alternative versions of outtakes.
Track #16: Mono version, same take as the other one. The lead
guitar has almost disapeared.
All tracks; Never released officially. Sound quality varies.

DISC THREE (rehearsels and live):
1. I and I (version #2) 5.00
2. Sweetheart Like You (version #2) 4.08
3. Union Sundown (version #2) 6.49
4. Sweetheart rehearsals 28.14
5. Blowin’ In the Wind 5.55
6. Rock ‘Em Dead 4.43
7. Knocking On Heavens Door 3.50
8. All Along The Watchtower 4.37
9. Leopardskin Pillbox Hat 4.24
10. License To Kill 4.48
11. Knocking On Heaven’s Door 5.32

Total time: 78:03

Tracks #1-3: Alternative versions. Sound quality varies.
Track #4: Sweetheart Like You rehearsals. Alternative takes,
talking, improvisations. Sound quality varies.
Track #5-7: Mark Knopfler joining Bob Dylan at a concert in
Sydney, Australia, February 10, 1986. The backing band is
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Poor sound.
Track #8-11: Dylan joining Dire Straits at a concert in
Melbourne, Australia, February 19, 1986. Poor sound.