Repost Bonanza: Captain Beefheart – Bat Chain Puller

captain beefheart bat chain puller

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Bat Chain Puller
(Unreleased LP)

Download: FLAC/MP3

1. Bat Chain Puller
2. Seam Crooked Sam
3. Harry Irene
4. Poop Hatch
5. Flavor Bud Living
6. Brickbats
7. Floppy Boot Stomp
8. A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond
9. Owed T’Alex
10. Odd Jobs
11. The 1010th Day Of The Human Totem Pole
12. Apes-ma

DON VAN VLIET – vocals/tenor sax/soprano sax/bass clarinet
DENNY WALLEY – guitar/slide guitar
JEFF MORIS TEPPER – guitar/slide guitar
JOHN THOMAS – keyboards
JOHN FRENCH – drums/percussion/guitar

This album was recorded in early 1976 but never released. This particular dub was made from an ANA(1) copy given to a record company employee by Beefheart himself. This same tape has been bootlegged on CDR with excessive noise reduction, but this fresh new transfer is completely free of NR. Don’t be fooled by the European bootleg “Dust Sucker” which comes from a very poor quality tape, and not the “Captain’s original tapes” as the liner notes claim. This copy is the real deal!

ANA(2) -> CDR -> WAV -> FLAC


Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – The Bedroom Tape (1964-1967)


The Bedroom Tape 1964-1967

Download: FLAC/MP3

01. I Was Born To Sing The Blues [aka That’s All I Know]
02. All Night Long
03. Wild Mountain Thyme
04. Gloria [aka You’re The One]
05. Spanish Rose
06. Walking In The Queen’s Garden
07. Harmonica Breakdown [instrumental]
08. T.B. Sheets

01. I Was Born To Sing The Blues.flac:c3d395350ecc2c28cb494e5f02252a16
02. All Night Long.flac:3379996231c64fdcc14f1d936bef6ab6
03. Wild Mountain Thyme.flac:45a4d91d0bb75cc690389104cddd77af
04. Gloria.flac:a6d4643a51605e15029f770b3b80e774
05. Spanish Rose.flac:8f461378a5208067ac71064155831627
06. Walking In The Queen’s Garden.flac:da16df2f7198a1d521ae40b9fbc8c179
07. Harmonica Breakdown [instrumental].flac:47fdd2498d3e7ce13a730f134f415d34
08. TB Sheets.flac:85722507b9aef544de115131a23cbbd3

SOURCE: unknown
LINEAGE: unknown generation cassette tape > CD-R > EAC wav > Trader’s Little Helper flac level 8 > Dime

This was treed via the Van Morrison trading groups in 2000. I wrote the original liner notes (below) and the artwork was created by Robert Glenn Plotner. The cover photo comes from a photocopy of an original photo loaned to me by Janet “Planet” Minto, which was taken @early 1967.

These songs seem to have been, by the scant bit of fact & fiction surrounding them, recorded sometime between 1964 and 1967. The original source tape may have been sent (so rumored) by Violet Morrison (Van’s mother) to a fanclub in Holland (called “His Mysterious Strength”, at Van’s suggestion) sometime during 1967 (along with notes referring to recording with The Sweet Inspirations in NYC). The overall sound quality of these recordings is, frankly, terrible. But, their historical significance is priceless. The audio generation/history of these recordings is unknown, as is pretty much everything else about them.

“I Was Born To Sing The Blues” (aka “That’s All I Know”) is in the style of early John Lee Hooker.

“All Night Long” (so titled on the the source tapes) includes backup singers, possibly The Sweet Inspirations, and may be from the first Bang studio sessions (March 28-29, 1967). The standout chorus though sounds more like “Call my name”. Whatever the correct title, it does have a “Twist and Shout” style to it, a song that was penned by Bert Berns, thus this is likely also a Berns composition recorded by Van at his suggestion.

“Gloria” (aka “You’re the One”) may be an early take of that song (which would place it possibly as early as 1964?), but it is difficult to say, let alone to distinguish the lyrics. What can be heard at points throughout, aside from “you’re the one”, are mentions of “Bo Diddley” (whom Van met in Los Angeles in the first week of August 1966), “do you remember?”, “I’m the one”, and what sounds like Van spelling out “G-A-M” (though, due to the muddy sound, it could be “G-I-M”, as in George Ivan Morrison)…”I’m the one”. On the promo interview for “The Healing Game” Van states that Gloria was conceived as “a Muddy Waters / Bo Diddley sort of thing”.

“Spanish Rose” is likely a pre-Bang demo (before March 28, 1967), possibly as early as late-1966 when Van was trying to figure out what to do next while cagily stuck in Belfast performing with a hand-picked band dubbed THEM AGAIN.

“Walking In The Queen’s Garden” is probably an early version of a song by the same name later recorded in late-1967 by Them (after Van left) on their “Now And Them” album (released 1/68). Jim Armstrong (guitarist with Them from late-1965 through their US tour with Van, and afterwards) explained, “‘Walking In The Queen’s Garden’ is one we used to do with Van. It’s based on an old Howlin’ Wolf lick.” Armstrong has also mentioned that this was a song that Them were practicing during their West Coast US tour during the summer of 1966.

“Harmonica Breakdown” (correct title, if there is a title, unknown) is probably an emulation of Little Walter’s style, whom Van had met, and run errands for (to pick up Chinese food), while rooming at a hotel in London during Them’s first visit in mid/late-1964. In return, Little Walter showed him some techniques with the harp.

“T.B. Sheets” is, again, likely a pre-Bang demo. 16 minutes of improvisational blues, extremely raw, but from which emerged a notable early studio recording, an early rock genre “death blues” which generated a point of conjecture as to its “inspiration”. Some books & articles have zeroed in on this song as stemming from a real-life tragic relationship…there are stories of Van emerging from the BANG studio recordings for this spent & sobbing, all of which Van Morrison denies as fiction.

Repost Bonanza: Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash – The Dylan/Cash Sessions

dylan cash sessions

Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash
Columbia Records Studio
Nashville, TN

Download: FLAC/MP3

Set I
1. One Too Many Mornings
2. Mountain Dew
3. I Still Miss Someone
4. Careless Love
5. Matchbox
6. That?s Alright Mama
7. Big River
8. Girl From the North Country
9. I Walk the Line
10. You Are My Sunshine
11. Ring of Fire
12. Guess Things Happen That Way
13. Just a Closer Walk with Thee
14. Blue Yodel
15. Blue Yodel No. 5

Johnny Cash (guitar)
Bob Dylan (guitar)
Carl Perkins (guitar)
Bob Wotton (guitar)
Marshall Grant (bass)
W.S. Holland (drums)

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Mickey Hart & The Marin County Collective – Novato, CA (1972-1973)

Mickey Hart and The Marin County Collective
Mickey’s Barn, Novato, Ca. 1972.1973
This is a tagged version of:jg72-xx-xx.sbd.lolita

Download: FLAC/MP3


MD5 is included.

“Area Code 415” sessions

1. Fire On The Mountain
2. Ghost Riders In The Sky
3. It Makes Me Feel Mad #1
4. You Know I Will
5. Is Anyone There
6. Night Of The Vampire
7. It Makes Me Feel Mad #2

“Fire On The Mountain” sessions

8. Fire On The Mountain
9. Speed Racer
10. Untitled
11. Fear And Loathing
12. Checker Man
13. Marshmallow Road
14. Fear
15. Ariel

Line-up :

1. melton, garcia, hart, freiberg
2. cipollina, hart, freiberg, jim mcpherson
3. kathy mcdonald, mcpherson, steve schuster
4. kathy mcdonald, mcpherson, steve schuster
5. freiberg, hart, mcpherson, mcdonald
6. melton, lesh, hunter, hart
7. melton, garcia, hart, freiberg
8. melton, garcia, hart, freiberg
9. melton, hart, lesh, schuster, bill champlin
10. garcia & hart at the palace of fine arts
11. ali abkar khan, ali raka, garcia, hart
12. hart, rob stokes, lesh, melton, freiberg, hunter
13. hart, melton, bloomfield, la flamme
14. lagin, lesh, cipollina
15. melton, hart, lesh, stokes, garcia, freiberg

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Tom Waits – The Black Rider Demos

Tom Waits
The Black Rider Demos

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 Black Rider (Opening)
02 November
03 The Right Blues
04 The Briar And The Rose
05 Crossroads
06 Chase The Clouds Away
07 Flash Pan Hunter
08 Instrumental
09 T’aint no Sin
10 In The Morning
11 Gospel Train
12 I’ll Shoot The Moon
13 Instrumental
14 The Last Rose Of Summer

vinyl source.

“The Black Rider” Demos: These are the tracks recorded by Waits and given to Germany’s Thalia Theatre for their production of The Black Rider. Wonderfully raw and spirited, with many tracks that were never released on his cleaned-up album ‘The Black Rider’, this is a must-have for Waits fans.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Aoxomoxoa Studio Outtakes

Grateful Dead
Aoxomoxoa Studio Sessions Outtakes 1969

Download: FLAC/MP3

Sandy Troy’s TC366 3.75ips Reel->DAT2->CDR
Alan Bershaw’s A1040SL 7.5ips Reel->DAT->CDR supplies tracks 12 & 13
This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shind: 16760
Cd > eac > cool edit pro > shntool > cdwav > shnv3 by Ernie Dodd

01 Saint Stephen ->
02 The Eleven #
03 The Barbed Wire Whipping Party *
04 Doing That Rag #1 &
05 Duprees Diamond Blues %
06 -unknown instrumental-
07 China Cat Sunflower @
08 Cosmic Charlie
09 Doing That Rag #2 !
10 Mountains Of The Moon ^
11 What’s Become Of The Baby? $
12. Rosemary
13. Mountains Of The Moon

# Skip at the beginning of The Eleven, the jam at the end fades out
* 0:06- Barbed Wire removed small cut,0:41- removed pop in left channel
(!=pop “the B!arbed wire…”) 0:57- removed pop
& 1:02- The Rag small bit of noise I could not remove, its hardly audible
3:13-3:19 fade out & in small subsecond silence removed,
% Dupree’s fades in
@ 1:25-1:28 fade out & in
! 0:30- 3 seconds of silence
^ 0:30- removed small noise sounding like tape starting
immediately following a cut and prior to any music or Jerry singing starts
$ 2:49- noise and cut present

From the original uploader:
I did not want to edit this too much because these are rought cuts and the flaws are part of the character. Instead, I tried to note them. Only minor editing was performed as described above. Additionally, I did take out a few of the small segments of silence between tracks. I did not make any adjustments to the levels.

Discs were kindly provided by Stu Hanson who comments below:

These copies kick the sh*t out of the versions circulating from those Unsurpassed Masters bootleg CDs. These derive from a 3.75ips reel belonging to Sandy Troy with two additional tracks supplied by a 7.5ips reel belonging to Alan Bershaw.

Sandy’s reel has all the material that has circulated before and its likely that many of the copies out there trace back to this reel. We *think* this material derives from the original 8 track studio sessions (that were abandoned in favor of using the first 16 track, which had just become available in 1969.)

The two cuts from Alan’s reel, Rosemary & Mountains Of The Moon, sound like the same versions recorded for the album, but they seem to be only Garcia’s acoustic guitar and vocal tracks, without all the overdubs. They are definitely not to be confused with the earlier mixes that were originally
released on the 1969 version of the album. These two tracks have not circulated widely. They are both excellent quality and very beautiful!

Repost Bonanza: The White Stripes – The Legendary Lost Tapes

The White Stripes
The Legendary Lost Tapes [2004]

Download MP3@192

01 – The Upholsterers – Aint Superstitious
02 – The Upholsterers – Pain (Give Me Sympathy)
03 – The Upholsterers – Apple Of My Eye
04 – The White Stripes – Little Red Book
05 – The White Stripes – Why Cant You Be Nicer
06 – The White Stripes – One And Two
07 – The White Stripes – Candy Cane Children
08 – The White Stripes – Ooh My Soul
09 – The White Stripes – Hello Operator (Demo Version)
10 – Jack White – In My Time Of Dyin
11 – Jack White – Fragile Girl
12 – Jack White – Dyin Crap Shooters Blues
13 – Jack White – Cold Brains
14 – Three Generators – Mystery Man (Feat Jack White)
15 – The White Stripes – I Never Thought that I Could Love You
16 – The White Stripes – House of the Rising Sun
17 – The White Stripes – One Night
18 – The White Stripes – Farmer John
19 – The White Stripes – Clarabella Skinny Jim
20 – The White Stripes – Small Faces
21 – The White Stripes – Isis
22 – The White Stripes – Looking At You
23 – The White Stripes – Red Bird
24 – Jack White – Seven Nation Army (Demo Version)
25 – The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (Daniel Funk Remix)
26 – The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (Rip It Off Acid Mix)

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Beautiful Vision Outtakes

Beautiful Vision Outtakes

Download: FLAC/MP3

01. Scandinavia
02. Daring Night
03. Daring Night II
04. Cleaning Windows
05. Down The Road I Go
06. Celtic Ray
07. All Saints Day
08. Instrumental
09. Cleaning Windows [dirty old man version]

SOURCE: Studio
LINEAGE: unknown > CD-R (trade) > EAC wav > Trader’s Little Helper flac level 8 > Dime

Some sources give the date/location of these recordings as July 27, 1981 The Record Plant, Sausalito, California.

Repost Bonanza: Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – The Spotlight Kid & Pompadour Sessions

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
The Spotlight Kid & Pompadour Sessions
October-early November 1971
Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Acoustic Blues Session

Download: FLAC/MP3

(1) studio->tape 2nd gen->stand alone CD burner->CDR->flac->TLH->wav->Wavelab 5.0: sound editing->TLH->flac
(2) studio->tape 3rd gen?->Spotlight Kid DVD (from puzzleoyster)->wav->Wavelab 5.0: sound editing->TLH->flac (2nd revision)->TLH->wav->Wavelab 5.0: sound editing->TLH->flac
(3) studio->tape 3rd gen?->The Spotlight Kid Outtakes CDR (from perebeef)->wav->Wavelab 5.0: sound editing->TLH->flac (2nd revision)->TLH->wav-> Wavelab: sound editing->TLH->flac
(4) studio->tape 3rd gen?->Beefheart Studio Sessions 1970-72 (flac torrented on DIME)->TLH: wav->Wavelab 5.0: sound editing->TLH->flac (2nd revision)->TLH->wav->Wavelab 5.0: sound editing->TLH->flac

1-01 Drink Paint Run Run
1-02 Seam Crooked Sam (Version 2)
1-03 Dirty Blue Gene (Version 1)
1-04 Sun Zoom Spark (Version 3)
1-05 Kiss Me My Love
1-06 Funeral Hill (Version 1)
1-07 Harry Irene – jazzy guitar version,
1-08 Open Pins
1-09 Dual & Abdul
1-10 Semi-Multicoloured Caucasian (Version 2)
1-11 Balladino
1-12 Clear Spot (Instrumental)
1-13 Circumstances
1-14 I’m Gonna Booglarize You, Baby (Instrumental)
1-15 Low Yo Yo Stuff (Instrumental)
1-16 Semi-Multicoloured Caucasian (Version 1)
1-17 Little Scratch (Version 2)

Pompadour Session
2-01 Pompadour I 2 takes
2-02 Pompadour II 5 takes

3-01 Suzy Murder Wrist
3-02 U Bean So Cinquo
3-03 The Witch Doctor Life
3-04 Little Scratch (Version 1)
3-05 Flaming Autograph
3-06 Love Grip
3-07 No Flower Shall Grow
3-08 Best Batch Yet (Version 1) 3 takes
3-09 Your Love Brought Me To Life 2 takes
3-10 That Little Girl
3-11 Campfires
3-12 Well Well Well
3-13 Funeral Hill (Version 3)
3-14 Seam Crooked Sam (Version 1)
3-14 Alice In Blunderland
3-15 Funeral Hill (Version 2)
3-16 Best Batch Yet (Version 2)
3-17 Dirty Blue Gene (Version 2)

The Acoustic Blues Session (mono)
4-01 Sun Zoom Spark (Version 1)
4-02 Scratch My Back
4-03 Blues Medley
4-03a Down In The Bottom (Howlin’ Wolf, 1961)
4-03b Key To The Highway (Big Bill Broonzy, 1941)
4-03c Grandpa Don’t Love Grandma No More
4-04 Sun Zoom Spark (Version 2)

Repost Bonanza: Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Outtakes

bob dylan freewheelin outtakes

“The Freewheelin’ Outtakes” (liberated Vigotone bootleg)
Freewheelin’ Sessions NYC April-November 1962
Silvers>EAC>WAV>TLH>FLAC (level 6)>torrent wizard>WAV>MP3

Download: FLAC/MP3


1. Baby Please Don’t Go
2. Corrina Corrina
3. The Death Of Emmett Till
4. Mixed Up Confusion
5. Lonesome Whistle (H.Williams/J.Davies)
6. Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues
7. Milk Cow’s Calf’s Blues I (Robert Johnson)
8. That’s Alright Mama (A. Crudup)
9. Rocks And Gravel
10. Going To New Orleans (Trad)
11. Let Me Die In My Footsteps
12. The Ballad Of Hollis Brown
13. Wichita Blues (Going to Louisiana) I (Trad)
14. Sally Gal
15. Whatcha Gonna Do

Bonus Alternate takes:
16. Mixed Up Confusion
17. Rocks And Gravel
18. That’s Alright Mama (A. Crudup)
19. Mixed Up Confusion
20. Corrina Corrina
21. Milk Cow’s Calf’s Blues II (Robert Johnson)
22. Wichita Blues (Going to Louisiana) II (Trad)
23. Whatcha Gonna Do
24. Baby I’m In The Mood For You
25. Sally Gal

Bobsboots says:

A great package. The cover is an alternate photo from the Don Hunstien West 4th street photo shoot that produced the official LP cover. Inside is Dylan at CBS studio NY with famed producer John Hammond. The recordings are clear, crisp, and right off of the mix down board. This CD belongs in every collection. It was re-released in 1999 by an unknown Label, and again in 2001 by OMR.