Grateful Dead – Boulder, CO (06/08/80)

Grateful Dead
Folsom Field – University Of Colorado
Boulder, CO
“15th Year Anniversary Show”

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FOB Senn 421’s>Nak 550 Cm>DAT>CD>EAC>Soundforge4>SHN
Recorded By Rob Eaton

Set 1:†
1. Uncle John’s Band >
2. Playing In The Band >
3. Uncle John’s Band
4. Me & My Uncle >
5. Mexicali Blues
6. Tennessee Jed
7. Samson And Delilah
8. Easy To Love You
9. Althea >
10. Looks Like Rain
11. Deal

Set 2:†
1. Feel Like A Stranger
2. Ship Of Fools
3. Estimated Prophet >
4. Eyes Of The World >Jam >
5. Drums >

1. Space >
2. Saint Of Circumstance >
3. Black Peter† >
4. Sugar Magnolia†
5. Alabama Getaway >
6. Brokedown Palace

>From DNC tree Round 9 (1/01)FOB Senn 421’s>Nak 550 Cm>DAT>CD
Known Flaws, from master Dat
Some fixable errors were cleaned in Soundforge.

d1t1 6:35-7:42 different aud patch
d1t2 4:07 static
d1t5 4:06 d/o replaced with aud patch
d1t6 6:09 d/o, 8:14 blip
d1t10 “I woke today” patched with different aud

d2t3 00:52 click
d2t5 3:24-3:26 static

Grateful Dead – Boulder, CO (04/13/69)

Grateful Dead
Ballroom, University of Colorado,
Boulder, Colorado

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Disc 1
1. Lovelight//
2. //Doin’ That Rag
3. Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl
4. Morning Dew

Disc 2

1. Dark Star%–>
2. St. Stephen–>
3. The Eleven–>
4. Death Don’t Have No Mercy
5. Alligator–>
6. Drums–>
7. Jam//

Several minutes are lost in the cuts at the end of Lovelight and the
beginning of Doin’ That Rag. There is a minor splice roughly 10 minutes
into Dark Star. The end of this show is obviously missing

Hunter S. Thompson – Boulder, CO (11/01/77)

Hunter S. Thompson
11/01/77 (My files are labeled 10/13/77, but this November date seems to be correct)
University of Colorado Auditorium
Boulder, CO

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Set I
Intro, American Dream, Tex Colson
Nixon & Football, Vietnam Books
Tom Wolfe
Trudeau, Running for Office
Rockefeller, Tri-Lateral Communication
Rush, Eldridge Cleaver
VD, Disco & Rolling Stone
Set II
World Series, MK-Ultra
Kesey, Canada
Evil As Nixon?, Uganda, Degeneracy
Steadman, Gonzo
More Kesey, Avoiding Jail
Silver Platter, The Slide
Carter Argument
Drug Question, Drunk & Loud
The Wishers, Fascists
Grateful Dead