Van Morrison – Bournemouth, England (09/17/03)

Van Morrison
Bournemouth Pavilion
Bournemouth, UK
17th Sept 2003

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Disc 1

01 Inarticulate Speech of the Heart
02 All Work and No Play
03 Early in the Morning
04 Choppin’ Wood
05 Talk is Cheap
06 Hey Mr DJ
07 Wild Night
08 Here comes the night
09 Too Many Myths
10 Don’t Worry about a Thing
11 Walking my Baby Back Home
12 Bright Side of the Road
13 Jackie Wilson said

Disc 2

01 That’s Life
02 Once in a Blue Moon
03 In The Midnight
04 Moondance
05 Baby What You Want Me to do
06 Brown Eyed Girl
07 precious Time
08 It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
09 Gloria

CD-rs>EAC to WAV>TLH to FLAC level 8>You

Van Morrison – Bournemouth, England (03/04/12)

Van Morrison
Bournemouth Pavilion
Bournemouth, UK

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Brown Eyed Girl
Higher than The World
Fair Play
Not Feeling It Anymore
Crazy Love
These Dreams of You
Talk Is Cheap
All In The Game/You Know What They’re Writing/No Safety Net/No Plan B/This Is It
In The Garden
St James Infirmary
Help Me
Tupelo Honey/Why Must I Always Explain
Gloria/Who’d you love

Original notes from FreeMorrison (I think)

Thanks to In The Garden I have this probable source info:

Taped by asifigive@fuk 6 rows from the front dead centre on
Edirol R-09 and Core Sound Mics with battery box set to Flat>Audacity to Split WAV>TLH to Flac Level 8>you

Well initial thoughts walking out of the Pavilion were that it was a great show,not as good as Brighton but still great. However I have now listened to it half a dozen times and I have changed my mind, this was awesome but on a different level to Brighton, there it was party time but here in Bournemouth it was a more serious show.We should have known, Enlightment played, No brass joke in Fair Play, These Dreams and a Talk is Cheap and then it came, The band started All in the game moved to, you know what they’re writing about and Van centre stage with hand held mic , moved the mic stand out of the way, moved the music stand with lyrics out of the way, turned it to the audience, and then he told us about what really counted,Listen to the Lion, No Safety net is needed or ever has been, the band played on, garden,st james and then help me, Van starting it on sax not harp, it was nearly over just a Gloria to go but no ,he comes back, the Chords of Gloria dont start but instead the organ starts with the opening to Tupelo Honey, Van straps on his Les Paul and treats us to a couple of guitar solos,into Gloria and end.This was no ordinary show , this was extraordinary.

Thank you Van for a wonderful weekend, I hope my recordings did the shows some justice.

Nothing has been done to the File except trimming the rubbish at the beginning and end and a fade in and out added, and of course splitting the tracks, no volume adjustments have been made so you may find it quiet,but thats what the big dial on your Hi-Fi marked volume is for. Do what you want with it now, after all I nicked it off Van, If you master it and improve it please repost as id love to hear it.