Neil Young – Detroit, MI (01/09/73)

Neil Young
Cobo Hall
Detroit, Michigan, USA
w/ the Stray Gators

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Disc 1:

1. On The Way Home
2. Tell Me Why
3. LA
4. Journey Through The Past
5. I Am A Child
6. Sugar Mountain
7. Borrowed Tune
8. Out On The Weekend
9. Band Introduction / Harvest
10. Old Man
11. Heart Of Gold

Disc 2:

1. Audience / Tune-up
2. Come Along And Say You Will
3. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
4. Time Fades Away
5. New Mama
6. Alabama
7. Don’t Be Denied
8. Last Dance
9. Cinnamon Girl
10. Lookout Joe
11. Words

We’re very pleased to upload the second installment of the BR Archives.
A combined production by BR, Reel Records and Agovigli.
Please note that this upload contains the following folders:

A. Direct Transfer of the BR Analog Master (no editing whatsoever)
B. Fully edited version of the show by Reel Records
C. Artwork provided by Agovigli and fotographs supplied by friends

Source: BR, unknown equipment
Location: Balcony, second row, left
Lineage: BR Analog Audience Master > DRAGON > CD-R > EAC > WAV > RR-Edit > TLH(8) > DIME
RR-Edit = editing by Reel Records (Soundforge, Magix Samplitude, BBE Sonic Maximizer, sev. Plug-Ins > WAV > TLH (8) > FLAC)
Releases: BR-2009-002-a/b (Direct Transfer) and BR-2009-002-c/d (RR-Edit Version)
Artwork: Included, produced by Agovigli

Sorry I don’t do MP3’s
This recording is not excellent but very good, not circulated and contains only known “Words” from this tour.
Please don’t sell, don’t convert to MP3 – or any other lossy formats.
Please wait 2 weeks after my initial upload before uploading to other sites.
If you upload it elsewhere: leave the info-file intact and I appreciate a note from you.

Neil Young – Detroit, MI (10/11/86)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Cobo Aren
Detroit, MI

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01-Mr. Soul
02-Cinnamon Girl
03-When You Dance, I Can Really Love
04-Touch The Night
05-Down By The River
06-Heart Of Gold
07-After The Gold Rush
08-Inca Queen
09-Too Lonely
10-Opera Star
11-“Stage Bit Phone Call”
12-Road Of Plenty
13-Cortez The Killer
14-“Stage Bit”
15-Computer Age
16-“Stage Bit”
17-Violent Side
18-Mideast Vacation
19-Long Walk Home
20-The Needle And The Damage Done
21-Hippie Dream
23-Like A Hurricane
24-Hey Hey, My My
25-Band Introductions
26-Prisoners Of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Recorded By: Robert Mullen

Source: Audience Master Cassettes

Transfer Date: 2008-08-17


Realistic Stereo Electret-1065 Microphone>Panasonic Stereo Cassette
Recorder w/ Auto Record Levels>Master Cassette Tapes (TDK SA-X90’s)>
Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Double Cassette Deck K-902>CD Wave Editor
(16bit/44.1hz)>Traders Little Helper (flac level 8).


We were sitting in the 1st row of the upper section stage right side at
about 10:30 O’Clock,(stage is at 12). We got blasted from the stage right
speaker stack, which is probably why this recording came out real well
considering the equipment I had at this time. (This was my last recording
with this equipment). We had a group of 6 at this fun show, and the crowd
around us was pretty well behaved. Nice show by Neil and the boys, mixed
in some of the “new” material with plenty of the “classics”.

Recorder’s Notes:

This recording has never been traded and is uncirculated.

Please: Do Not Buy Or Sell This Recording
Please: Convert To Lossy Format Only For Personal Use
Please: Trade Freely And Share
Please: Relax And Enjoy