Grateful Dead – Detroit, MI (01/21/79)

Grateful Dead
Masonic Temple
Detroit, MI

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This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 19083


Source: Unknown AUD > ? > SHN
Editing: SHN>WAV>CE2K>CDWAVE>shntool>mkwACT

–Set 1–
101-D1T01 – Sugaree
102-D1T02 – Me & My Uncle
103-D1T03 – Big River
104-D1T04 – They Love Each Other
105-D1T05 – Beat It on Down the Line (21 beats!)
106-D1T06 – Dire Wolf
107-D1T07 – Looks Like Rain
108-D1T08 – Brown-Eyed Women
109-D1T09 – New Minglewood Blues
110-D1T10 – Friend of the Devil
111-D1T11 – Jack Straw
112-D1T12 – Deal

–Set 2–
201-D2T01 – Samson & Delilah
202-D2T02 – Terrapin Station//
203-D2T03 – Playing in the Band//
204-D2T04 – Drums//
205-D2T05 – Space//
206-D2T06 – Truckin’//
207-D2T07 – Stella Blue//
208-D2T08 – Good Lovin’

209-D2T09 -U.S. Blues

–disc 1 total time–72:15–
–disc 2 total time–78:22–

-This audience recording is marginal at best, but does reproduce a super show (not just because it was my first Dead show!) that should be of interest to collectors.
-The recording has undergone some DSP that includes EQ and NR (I found a
nice piece of hiss to formulate a decent sample). Even though its still hissy, it was very hissy before the NR.
-Most of the tracks in Set 2 are cut at their end.
-The show occurred in the dead cold of Mid-West winter, and started late as the crowd waited over an hour outside for the doors to open. To compensate, the Dead played a lively and energetic show–“The winter was so hard and cold”. Donna was absent.
-The show occurred in the Main Theatre of the Masonic Temple, one of the finest public halls in the United States, having a seating capacity of about 4,500 that produced a very intimate contact between audience and stage. The decorative treatment of the auditorium has considerable detail adapted from the Venetian Gothic, and the general tone is gold which has been enlivened with red and blue to produce a quiet richness of color seldom attempted in this type of work. A great deal of careful
study was given to the acoustical treatment of this room which has produced an auditorium where the hearing qualities are perfect from every seat. This is the only time the Grateful Dead played this theatre.
-Thanks to Teri “RamblinRose” for the source SHNs.

Neil Young – Detroit, MI (05/20/92)

Neil Young
Fox Theatre, Detroit, Michigan

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source : analog master > dat > cdr > cdr
macintosh . xACT 1.59 > flac

  1. Long May You Run
  2. Comes A Time
  3. From Hank To Hendrix
  4. Silver And Gold
  5. You And Me
  6. Like A Hurricane
  7. Love Is A Rose
  8. War Of Man w/intro
  9. Powderfinger
  10. Such A Woman
  11. Heart Of Gold (unfinished)
  12. Harvest Moon
  13. Heart Of Gold
  14. The Needle And The Damage Done
  15. Too Far Gone
  16. Homefires
  17. Tonight’s The Night
  18. This Note’s For You
  19. Old King
  20. Sugar Mountain
  21. After The Gold Rush

Info from Sugar Mountain (thanks Tom)

notes: another really great show from this tour
edit at 4:13 of disc 1 track 1 cable issues

John Coltrane – Detroit, MI (09/25/58)

John Coltrane – Joe Henderson
Private jam in Joe Brazil’s basement
Detroit, MI
25 September 1958

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dIME > Audacity (some cutting and lots of volume adjustments ) > dime

Now we can listen to the musicians !!!

I wait for your opinion but the only Trane solo I’m sure of is
in Track 1 from 2’30 to 5’30.

John Coltrane tenor sax
Joe Henderson tenor sax
Joe Brazil alto sax
Unknown Ten on track 01
Sonny ‘Red’ Kyner alto sax
Hugh Lawson piano
Erni Farrow bass
Roy Brooks drums

Private tape recorded by Joe Brazil

  1. Untitled blues jam, ending with Now’s the Time (19:41)
  2. Woody’n You (8:10)
  3. Paul’s Pal (13:12)
  4. Sweet Georgia Brown (12:34)

The coltrane reference provides the following analysis of the contents

After each tune there are a few seconds of talking and practising;
on 1 solos are:
Sonny red Kyner (alto)
Probably Joe Brazil
Donald Towns (Tr)
Unknown Ten
Joe Henderson

on 2 Coltrane does not solo;
on 3 Joe Henderson solos first, followed by Coltrane and
on 4 Coltrane solos first followed by Henderson, and it is at a very fast tempo.

Joe Henderson found a copy of this tape in his basement in his house
in San Francisco on September 28, 1991, the day Miles Davis died.
There’s a pic of Joe H with the cassette tape of this jam in Fuji.

Bob Dylan – Detroit, MI (10/13/78)

Bob Dylan
The Olympia
Detroit, Michigan
13 October 1978

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01 – My Back Pages
02 – I’m Ready (Willie Dixon)
03 – Is Your Love In Vain?
04 – Shelter From The Storm
05 – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
06 – Tangled Up In Blue
07 – Ballad Of A Thin Man
08 – Maggie’s Farm
09 – I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
10 – Like A Rolling Stone
11 – I Shall Be Released
12 – Going, Going, Gone

13 – One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)
14 – It Ain’t Me, Babe
15 – Am I Your Stepchild?
16 – One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)
17 – Blowin’ In The Wind
18 – Girl From The North Country
19 – Where Are You Tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat)
20 – Masters Of War
21 – Just Like A Woman
22 – To Ramona
23 – All Along The Watchtower
24 – All I Really Want To Do
25 – It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
26 – Forever Young

27 – Changing Of The Guards

Concert # 20 of the 1978 US Fall Tour. 1978 concert # 69.
Concert # 46 with the 1978 World Tour Band:
Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar),
Billy Cross (lead guitar),
Alan Pasqua (keyboards),
Steven Soles (rhythm guitar, backup vocals),
David Mansfield (violin & mandolin),
Steve Douglas (horns),
Jerry Scheff (bass),
Bobbye Hall (percussion),
Ian Wallace (drums),
background vocals:
Helena Springs,
Jo Ann Harris,
Carolyn Dennis.

1 instrumental without Bob Dylan.
5, 15, 21 Bob Dylan (harmonica).
14 Bob Dylan solo (vocal, harmonica & guitar).


  • Thank you. This is a ballad I wrote a few years back, a love ballad about three people in love. (before Tangled Up In Blue)
  • Thank you, we’ll take a short break here. We’ll be right back. This is a song I recorded a few years back with The Band.
    Remember The Band? This is off our album called Planet Waves. Sold 3 copies. So, we’ll see you in a while. (before Going, Going, Gone)
  • Thank you. This is a new song I wrote, called Am I Your Stepchild.
  • Thank you. That was Masters Of War, that was Billy Cross on lead guitar.
  • Thank you. On the drums tonight, please give him a warm hand, from Kingston, Jamaica, Ian Wallace. All right, on the bass guitar, Mr. Jerry Scheff.
    On the keyboards, Alan Pasqua. The one and only Alan Pasqua. On the lead electric guitar, the very dangerous, Mr. Billy Cross. He’s the oldest member of this group.
    On the rhythm guitar, the man who doesn’t speak a word of English. Ladies and gentlemen, from Tombstone, Arizona, Mr. Steve Soles.
    On the mandolin and the violin. The youngest member of this group, he’s fifteen years old. Been with me five years. Doesn’t smoke dope, drink whiskey, or go out with women.
    He’s pure musician, David Mansfield. On the tenor saxophone, the phenomenal Steve Douglas. On the backup vocals tonight. On the left, my cousin, Jo Ann Harris.
    On the other side, my current girlfriend, Carolyn Dennis. And in the middle, my ex-girlfriend, Helena Springs. On the conga drums, from Detroit, the amazing Miss Bobbye Hall.
    All right, this is called, It’s Alright Ma, I’m Only Bleeding.
  • Thank you. We’re gonna get out now. Anyway, we’ll see you next time. This song I also recorded with The Band. I wrote it a few years back for one of my babies. (before Forever Young)

No new songs compared to previous concert.

Mono audience recording, 135 minutes.

LB-07619 ; 73min+68min ; 2CDR ; Rating: C-

10/13/78 Detroit, Michigan

lk 78 series
Source:my tape (not a very good recording),
No LB# for this date.
Cedar type fingerprint D1T1 the taper or someone next to him says “Bobby, Bobby” at the 3 sec. mark.

bittorrent download 06/09;
nothing above 6k and close to mono and looks like has noise reduction;
in comparison to LB-5007 that sounds more natural and less muffled but has more hiss;
(did not listen to all of this)

drop/cut between cdrs

Peter Gabriel – Detroit, MI (03/13/77)

Peter Gabriel
Masonic Auditorium
Detroit, Michigan, USA
13 March 1977

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disc 1
01 Here Comes The Flood
02 On The Air
03 Moribund The Burgermeister
04 Waiting For The Big One
05 A Song Without Words
06 Excuse Me
07 Solsbury Hill
08 Ain’t That Peculiar
09 Why Don’t We

disc 2
01 Humdrum
02 Slowburn
03 All Day And All Of The Night
04 Here Comes The Flood
05 Modern Love
06 Down The Dolce Vita
07 Back In N.Y.C.

Lineage: Download shn files (from the old taperfriendlymusic Website) > mkwACT > WAV > EAC > CDr (Taiyo Yuden Silver) > EAC > hard drive > TLH-Level 8 > FLAC > Dime

Audience recording; JEMS Master; SQ rated ‘A’ at Genesis-Movement. See for further details and artwork.

Bob Dylan – Detroit, MI (11/09/01)

Bob Dylan
Cobo Arena
Detroit MI

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Disc 1:
01. Wait For The Light To Shine 2:51
02. It Ain’t Me, Babe 8:58
03. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall 8:40
04. Searching For A Soldier’s Grave 3:10
05. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum 5:02
06. Every Grain Of Sand 8:08
07. Floater 6:43
08. High Water (For Charley Patton) 5:58
09. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right 6:19
10. John Brown 5:32
11. Tangled Up In Blue 9:13

Disc 2:
01. Summer Days 6:01
02. Sugar Baby 7:31
03. Cold Irons Bound 6:07
04. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 8:27

05. Things Have Changed 6:28
06. Like A Rolling Stone 7:20
07. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 5:35
08. Honest With Me 6:51
09. Blowin’ In The Wind 5:54
10. All Along The Watchtower 5:57

LB-9409, (71min+67min), dsm6, Master: Sonic Studios DSM6’s > DATM (Sony TCD-D8) > CDR (Tascam CD-RW 700), CDR>FLAC Transfer: CDR > MacBook Pro > xACT (V. 1.62) (extraction) > AIFF > xACT (V. 1.62) (AIFF>FLAC conversion) > FLAC

bittorrent download 06/11; in 3-way comparison, these are different recordings based on different crowd at end of d1t1; this is fullest sound, then B&K 4021s LB-662, and then LB-4897; background talking d1t3, d1t4; excellent sound [A]

drop/cut between cdrs, end of d2t4, d2t9; has clipping

Neil Young – Detroit, MI (01/17/71)

Neil Young
Jan. 17, 1971
Masonic Temple Theater
Detroit, Mich.

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1 On the Way Home
2 Tell Me Why
3 Old Man
4 Journey Through the Past
5 Cowgirl in the Sand
6 A Man Needs a Maid
7 Heart of Gold (piano)
8 Don’t Let It Bring You Down
9 Love in Mind
10 Bad Fog of Loneliness
11 The Needle and the Damage Done
12 Ohio
13 See the Sky About to Rain
14 Dance, Dance, Dance

Audience recording
CDR from trade > EAC > FLAC

Neil Young – Detroit, MI (01/08/73)

Neil Young
Cobo Hall
Detroit, Michigan
w/ the Stray Gators

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Taper: BR
Location: unknown
Equipment: unknown
RAW Version: BR Analog Audience Master > Dragon > CD-R > EAC > WAV > TLH(8) > DIME
Artwork: supplied and produced by Agovigli

This boot contains the original RAW files plus two different edited versions which breaks down like so.

A. Direct Transfer of the BR Analog Master (no editing whatsoever)
B. Fully edited version of the BR Master by Reel Records
C. Four tracks containing two tracks from different master to make a “edited concert-version” from two masters containing “Borrowed Tune” and a clearer “Are You Ready For The Country”

The FLAC files contain everything and the MP3s are broken up into separate edits, each of which contain their own text files explaining the edits.

Disk 1
1. On The Way Home
2. Tell Me Why
3. LA
4. I Am A Child
5. Love In Mind
6. Sugar Mountain
Borrowed Tune ———-[ missing on BR Master ]
8. Out On The Weekend
9. Harvest
10. Heart Of Gold

Disk 2
1. Band tune-up
2. Times Fades Away
3. Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere
4. New Mama
5. Come Along And Say You Will
6. Alabama
7. Cinnamon Girl
8. Don’t Be Denied
9. Lookout Joe
10. Last Dance
11. Are You Ready For The Country?—— [ muffled sound on BR Master ]

Bruce Springsteen – Detroit, MI (10/04/75)

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
Michigan Palace
Detroit, MI
October 4, 1975
ER Archives Vol. 13 via JEMS

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JEMS 2016 Transfer: low-generation reels > Ampex 440 > Pro Tools > iZotope RX4 > iZotope Ozone > Peak Pro XT (volume smoothing / patch / edit / index) > xACT 2.35 > FLAC

01 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
02 Spirit in the Night
03 Itís Gonna Work Out Fine
04 Sheís The One
05 Born to Run
06 The E Street Shuffle > Having A Party
07 Backstreets (patched)
08 Kittyís Back
09 Jungleland
10 Rosalita (cut)
11 Detroit Medley
12 Sandy
13 Ainít Too Proud To Beg
14 Quarter to Three
15 Little Queenie
16 Twist and Shout

Known Faults:
-Backstreets: 1.25 patched with audience recording, the ER tape contains 22 more
seconds of the SB thanAnubis’s “Walk Like Heroes”
-Rosalita: end cut

Wilco – Detroit, MI (02/21/97)

WNNX Studios
Live X Detroit MI

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source for 02-21-07:FM broadcast

01. Someday Soon
02. Forget The Flowers
03. Pick Up The Change
04. Outtamind (Outta Site)
05. Red-Eyed & Blue
06. I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
07. Box Full Of Letters
08. That’s Not The Issue