U2 – Nantes, France (10/23/84)

“Saint Herblain Hospatlier” (SBD)
1984-10-23 Nantes, France

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Low Generation Copy

** – 11 O’Clock Tick Tock (Not Included)
01 – I Will Follow
02 – Wire
03 – MLK
04 – The Unforgettable Fire
05 – Surrender
06 – Two Hearts Beat As One
07 – Seconds
08 – A Sort Of Homecoming
09 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
** – The Cry/The Eletric Co. (Not Included)
10 – Bad
11 – Indian Summer Sky
12 – October
13 – New Year’s Day
14 – Pride
15 – Party Girl
16 – Gloria
17 – Forty

I recently picked this one up in a trade but it was not listed as 1984-10-23 Nantes, France in the trade
It had been mis-labled 10/28/84 Vorst National, Belgium (SBD) So some of you that have 10/28/84 (SBD) might wanna check to see what you have, Chances are it is this one (Nantes)

When i A>B this against my other Nantes 84 SBD’s i found this one to be of much better quality than others i have this version has better dynamics than others i have in my collection and seems to have a lot less Tape background hiss (Meaning less tape>tape generations) also i noticed that this version to be more on centre and better stereo whereas other versions all seem to favour one channel.

So i thought i would pass on this version
as i do think this to be the best of the 1984-10-23’s