Van Morrison – Harrogate, England (06/09/16)

Van Morrison
9 JUNE 2016
1h 39m

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Celtic Swing
Close Enough For Jazz
Magic Time
By His Grace
Someone Like You
Baby Please Don’t Go >
Don’t Start Crying Now
Here Comes The Night
Sometimes We Cry
Wild Night
Crazy Love
Whenever God Shines His Light
Keep It Simple
Think Twice Before You Go
Real Real Gone
The Beauty Of The Days Gone By
Brown Eyed Girl
Did Ye Get Healed? >
Yeh, Yeh [instr]
Help Me

Van Morrison : lead vocals, guitars, alto saxophone, harmonicas
The Van Morrison Band : Liam Bradley : drums; Dave Keary : guitar; Dana Masters : lead & backing vocals; Paul Moore : bass; Paul Moran : keyboards, trumpet

Recorded by IJMJ – from Row K centre next to the mixing desk.

Used : Zoom H1 using internal mics recorded at 24 bit/48000 Hz > Wavelab 8 Le > flac at level: 8 (Preset as flac hq). Converted by petomane33 to wave using Replay Converter, and Adobe Audition to boost levels, top and tail and normalise. TLH for all other operations.

Van Morrison – Harrogate, England (11/26/86)

Van Morrison
Harrogate, England
Royal Hall, 26 NOV 86

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Audience recording, sound B
Previously uncirculating (at least on cdr)

Artwork included.

01 Celtic Swing
02 Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
03 Vanlose Stairway
04 It’s All in the Game
05 Dimples
06 Cleaning Windows
07 A Sense of Wonder >
08 And The Healing Has Begun (incomplete)
09 Oh The Warm Feeling,
10 Got To Get Back
11 In The Garden
12 Summertime In England
13 Full Force Gale
14 Bright Side of the Road
You Donít Know Me*
Here Come The Knight*

*Missing from master tape

From second-generation audio cassette (GI) > CDR (NSC) November 2006
Reworked, sound cleaned by HB December 2006