Miles Davis – Philadelphia, PA (12/08/56)

Miles Davis
Blue Note Club, Philadelphia, PA

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I have no source info for this.

Tune Up (M. Davis)
Walkin’ (R. Carpenter)

Miles Davis (tpt); John Coltrane (ts); William “Red” Garland (p); Paul Chambers (b); Philly Joe Jones (d)

Miles Davis – New York, NY (01/03/59)

Miles Davis 01/03/59
Birdland, New York, NY

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Bags’ Groove (M. Jackson)
All of You (C. Porter)

Miles Davis All-Stars

Miles Davis (tpt); Julian “Cannonball” Adderley (as); John Coltrane (ts); Wynton Kelly (p); Paul Chambers (b); Jimmy Cobb (d); Guy Wallace (ann)

Miles Davis – Washington, D.C. (11/01/58)

Miles Davis
Spotlight Lounge, Washington, DC

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Sid’s Ahead (M. Davis) [Weirdo]
Bye Bye Blackbird (R. Henderson-M. Dixon)
Straight, No Chaser (T. Monk)

Mutual Network radio broadcast
Miles Davis All-Stars

Miles Davis (tpt); Julian “Cannonball” Adderley (as); John Coltrane (ts); William “Red” Garland (p); Paul Chambers (b); Jimmy Cobb (d)

Sid’s Ahead (M. Davis) [Weirdo] 8:31
Introduction 0:31
“We’re hear earlier, and we’re here bright. Miles Davis bright, through the Mutual Network. A salute to Miles Davis and the All-Stars. Let’s run down the line-up briefly. Miles Davis, trumpet; Cannonball Adderley, alto; John Coltrane, tenor; Paul Chambers, bass, Red Garland, piano; Jimmy Cobb, drums. That opener was a Miles Davis original, ‘Sid’s Ahead’. Now ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’…”

Bye Bye Blackbird (R. Henderson-M. Dixon) 6:19
Introduction 0:24
“Now that blackbird was flyin’ waaay out there. Home base, though, was the Spotlite, the House That Jazz Built, Jazz Limited, in Washington DC. Motivating power, Miles Davis and the All-Stars. We have time, so we’ll go right into a Thelonious Monk original, ‘Straight, No Chaser’…”

Straight, No Chaser (T. Monk) (incomplete) 3:30
Voiceover 3:05-3:29: “‘Tis indeed a sad thing to interrupt Miles Davis, but ’tis indeed time — clock on the wall says so. Miles Davis All-Stars, coming to you live from the Spotlite, Jazz Limited in Washington. Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane, Paul Chambers, Red Garland, Jimmy Cobb making up the Miles Davis All-Stars…”

Miles Davis – Washington, D.C. (08/09/58)

Miles Davis Sextet
August 9, 1958 (3 items; TT = 18:37)
Spotlite Lounge, Washington DC

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Mutual Network radio broadcast (C+)

Miles Davis (tpt); Julian “Cannonball” Adderley (as); John Coltrane (ts); Bill Evans (p); Paul Chambers (b); Jimmy Cobb (d)

Made into one long track.
Exported to iZotope RX
Reduced general level of loud clicks/pops from the record source.
Spectral repair on a few particularly nasty pops.

From a torrent on dime:

Lineage: Boot(JMY ME 6402) –> foobar2000 (flac 8) –> hard disc -> wave -> iZotope -> Audacity -> flac8

1 Walkin’ (R. Carpenter) 6:41
2 All of You (C. Porter) 6:46
Adderley out
3 ‘Round Midnight (B. Hanighen-C. Williams-T. Monk) 5:10

Miles Davis – New York, NY (05/17/58)

Miles Davis Quintet
“Bandstand USA” – Mutual Network radio broadcast
Café Bohemia
New York City, N.Y.
May 17, 1958

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Miles Davis (tpt); John Coltrane (ts); Bill Evans (p); Paul Chambers (b); Philly Joe Jones (d); Guy Wallace (ann)

  1. Four (Davis) 4:53
  2. Bye Bye Blackbird (Henderson-Dixon) 6:54
  3. Walkin’ (Carpenter) 6:34
  4. Two Bass Hit (incomplete) (Lewis-Gillespie) :46


Note: As with apparently all sources, Track 16 is incomplete. However, this recording seems to be even more incomplete than most discographies indicate, ending before the broadcast announcer’s voiceover. It sounds like the CD that was the source for these recordings began skipping, and the track ends prematurely. This version also does not include the radio introduction, that precedes some sources of Track 13.

Not the most complete recording available. Missing (spoken) intro to Four and end of Two Bass Hit.

John Coltrane – Philadelphia, PA (09/18/64)

John Coltrane Quartet
A love Supreme Second Movement First live Execution
September 18, 1964
Pep’s Lounge, Philadelphia

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Source/Quality: aud (C+) improved to B/B- Pitch Fixed and Sound Improved

A Flambay – Uo14945 production

uploaded 2012 april 01 by U014945

This time Flambay has fixed the pitch
and While we were at it I spent another 10 hours cleaning the tracks (5 hours just for the bass solo)



John Coltrane (ts);
McCoy Tyner (p);
Jimmy Garrison (b);
Elvin Jones (d)

01 Resolution Theme – Trane solo 6:14
02 Resolution McCoy 8:29
03 Resolution Bass solo I 00:42
04 Resolution Bass solo II 6:25
05 Resolution Trane solo – Theme 10:35

Contrast Clause **
upgrade of the following torrent already posted by myself back in 09 2010
Torrent #324012 John Coltrane Quartet,A love Supreme Second Movement First live Execution,SOUND IMPROVED!!!, September 18, 1964

below notes from the 2 older torrents :


While listening to this concert I discovered that there where still some improvement that
could be made on the sound.

In particular I cleaned many diginoises in the bass solo and in the first 2 tracks
Not so many in the last one.

In the bass solo I also used Audacity ‘Low pass filter’ to reduce tape noise
track 14 is the same solo without ‘low pass filter’.

Contrast Clause **
upgrade of the following torrent already posted by myself back in 2008:

Torrent #182951 John Coltrane4tet, ALove Supreme Resolution 1st live Execution,1964 Aug.18

Original notes of my torrent :
After some 18 hours of work I can offer to you this very rare (to me a premiere) version of RESOLUTION,
the second movement of A Love Supreme, the first live known to exist to my knowledge.

The original Tape (you’ll find it as Track02) was very noisy and needed a lot of volume adjustment.

The Bass solo is divided into 2 parts because it seems to come from to different sources.
The first part was almost inaudible and I had to pump up the volume to make it listenable (but almost without
ambiance noises )
The second part was pretty much louder and with a lot of noises as if the taper moved to a better place
to record the bass (it seems to me that there might be some music missing here in between).

Hope you all enjoy

Thanks to Peter losin for the original CD



John Coltrane – Live at the Jazz Gallery, 1960

John Coltrane
Live at the Jazz Gallery
New York, NY
June 27 and July 1, 1960

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I have no source information for this. All information is gathered from the folder and file names. I have no idea how correct they are.

June 17:
1. Exotica
2. Like Sonny

July 1:
3. You Leave Me Breathless
4. Summertime

John Coltrane – Detroit, MI (09/25/58)

John Coltrane – Joe Henderson
Private jam in Joe Brazil’s basement
Detroit, MI
25 September 1958

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dIME > Audacity (some cutting and lots of volume adjustments ) > dime

Now we can listen to the musicians !!!

I wait for your opinion but the only Trane solo I’m sure of is
in Track 1 from 2’30 to 5’30.

John Coltrane tenor sax
Joe Henderson tenor sax
Joe Brazil alto sax
Unknown Ten on track 01
Sonny ‘Red’ Kyner alto sax
Hugh Lawson piano
Erni Farrow bass
Roy Brooks drums

Private tape recorded by Joe Brazil

  1. Untitled blues jam, ending with Now’s the Time (19:41)
  2. Woody’n You (8:10)
  3. Paul’s Pal (13:12)
  4. Sweet Georgia Brown (12:34)

The coltrane reference provides the following analysis of the contents

After each tune there are a few seconds of talking and practising;
on 1 solos are:
Sonny red Kyner (alto)
Probably Joe Brazil
Donald Towns (Tr)
Unknown Ten
Joe Henderson

on 2 Coltrane does not solo;
on 3 Joe Henderson solos first, followed by Coltrane and
on 4 Coltrane solos first followed by Henderson, and it is at a very fast tempo.

Joe Henderson found a copy of this tape in his basement in his house
in San Francisco on September 28, 1991, the day Miles Davis died.
There’s a pic of Joe H with the cassette tape of this jam in Fuji.

Miles Davis – San Francisco, CA (03/xx/60)

Miles Davis Sextet
March 1960
San Francisco

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From an ACETATE SOUND CLEANED (there were a lot of clicks )

New find: live Miles sextet with Coltrane in SF in March, 1960 right before the legendary quintet Europe tour!
Miles, Coltrane, Buddy Mongomery (vbs), Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb Check it out:

Miles hired Buddy Montgomery for the sextet when Cannonball Adderley left.
The plan was to take him on the Europe tour as well, but Buddy Montgomery was apparently afraid of flying.
This would seem to be the only known recording of the sextet with Montgomery.

a u014945 production
uploaded to Dime
2021 06th january

web > Audacity (sound treatment) > tlh (sbe -Flac 8 )

Miles Davis (trumpet)
John Coltrane (tenor saxophone)
Buddy Montgomery (vbs)
Wynton Kelly (piano)
Paul Chambers (bass)
Jimmy Cobb (drums)

1 So What (inc.)(M. Davis) 17:22
2 On Green Dolphin Street (inc) (N. Washington-B. Kaper) 03:53
11 complete raw recording 21:28
Runtime: 21:15

Both tracks are not complete :
in So what we have 2 great solos by Miles (the first 5′) then Trane (9′) followed by Montgomery’s one (not complete )
followed by the ending theme .
On green Dolphin Street we have only part of Miles opening Solo.