Roger Waters – Newport, RI (07/24/15)

Roger Waters
Fort Adams State Park
July 24, 2015
Newport, RI

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Recorded by JB
Edited by Kathleen
Lineage: CA 11 Mics/CA 9100 Preamp > Edirol R9 > Adobe Audition > CD Wave > Trader’s Little Helper (FLAC)

01 Intro
02 Crystal Clear Brooks (live debut)
03 Mother (Pink Floyd song)
04 The Bravery of Being Out of Range (first time live since 2002)
05 Hello in There (John Prine cover) (live debut)
06 Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd song) (with Sara Watkins) (first time live since 2009)
07 Wide River to Cross (Buddy Miller cover) (with Amy Helm)
08 Amused to Death (first time live since 2002)
09 Brain Damage (Pink Floyd song) (first time live since 2008)
10 Eclipse (Pink Floyd song) (first time live since 2008)
11 Forever Young (Bob Dylan cover) (with Sara Watkins and Amy Helm)

Note: with My Morning Jacket as backing band, GE Smith on guitar, and Lucius providing backing vocals

My Morning Jacket – Greenwood Village, CO (07/31/13)

My Morning Jacket
Fiddlers Green Ampiteater
Greenwood Village, CO

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SOURCE: Beyerdynamic CK930 (in hat) > Naiant Tinybox > Sony M10 (@24/48)

LOCATION: Section 203; Row K. Slight right of center.


1. Circuital
2. It Beats U
3. First Light
4. The Way He Sings
5. Slow Slow Tune
6. Wonderful
7. Golden
8. Wordless Chorus
9. Victory Dance
10. Waiting on a Friend #
11. Baby Don’t You Do It %
12. Phone Went West

NOTES: # Rolling Stones cover with John Oates, % Marvin Gaye cover with John Oates and Ryan Bingham

My Morning Jacket – East Rutherford, NJ (06/03/06)

my morning jacket - east rutherford new jersey - 2006

My Morning Jacket
Continental Airlines Arena
East Rutherford, NJ

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Eddie Vedder Intro
No Surrender
My Morning Jacket Intro
It Makes No Difference
Lay Low
What A Wonderful Man
Wordless Chorus
One Big Holiday
Run Thru