Grateful Dead – Novato, CA (xx/xx/76)

Phil Lesh, Jim McPherson & Mickey Hart
1976 Studio Sessions
Work Tapes developing the “non-Garcia/Hunter parts” of Terrapin Station
Mickey Hart’s Barn, Novato, CA
unknown date(s) 1976

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Source: Studio-> ? -> Bob Gurman’s Cassette (no dolby)-> Alan Bershaw’s Maxell UD 35-90 1/4 track reel @7.5ips

Transfer: Bershaw’s 1/4 track reel @7.5ips (Revox A-77) -> Pro Tools -> wav 44.1/16 -> xAct -> Flac

Phil Lesh – bass, acoustic guitar
Mickey Hart – drums, percussion
Jim McPherson – vocals, piano (on 3 -> 6)

01 Terrapin Flyer Jam 1 (9:39)

02 Terrapin Flyer Jam 2 (1:00)

03 Terrapin Transit (with piano and vocals)->
At A Siding (with piano, acoustic guitar and vocals) (4:43)

04.Terrapin Transit (instrumental) ->
At A Siding (instrumental) (3:10)

05.Terrapin Flyer (instrumental) (4:48)

06.Terrapin Flyer (with more lyrics)>
At ASiding (with more lyrics )
Terrapin Flyer (with more lyrics) ->
Refrain (with lyrics) (4:40)

Another rare studio tape from the days of Bob Gurman and Alan Bershaw trading in the 1970s. Nice quality work tapes from Mickey’s barn studio in 1976. Lesh, Hart and Jim McPherson developing the non-Garcia/Hunter parts of the Terrapin Station suite.  Some of these had a jazzier feel than the album versions ended up, but whats really interesting is that McPherson is singing lyrics we never knew existed. I think this is uncirculated but if more or better quality exists please share it. I like these other parts and wish the band had explored them more on stage.  -Rob

Jerry Garcia & Friends – Novato, CA (08/21/71)

Mickey Hart, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, John Cipollina, David Crosby, Phil Lesh, Nicky Hopkins, Merl Saunders
Mickey Hart’s Barn Jam
Mickey Hart’s Barn
Novato, California
August 21st 1971

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SBD from John Cipollina’s reels.

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Disc One :

1. Jam #1 (Fire On The Mountain theme)
2. Wall Song > Fresh Green Grass Jam > Wall Song
3. Jam #2
4. Noodle Part 1

Disc Two :

1. Noodle Part 2
2. Jam #3
3. Jam #4
4. Jam #5
5. Carousel Song
6. Ghost Riders In The Sky Jam
7. Winin’ Boy Blues
8. Bye Bye Blues
9. Tore Down

Also this comes straight from the John Cipollina’s collection, i personally made a copy of his reel
and his notes….I did not touch the sound or edited anything in the trasfer, you get what
i got in first place. Some songs are cut or partial. Superb jam, definetly a must have…..

1st generation reel to reel > revox > amplifiers > tascam audio cdrw750 > cd > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

Mickey Hart & The Marin County Collective – Novato, CA (1972-1973)

Mickey Hart and The Marin County Collective
Mickey’s Barn, Novato, Ca. 1972.1973
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MD5 is included.

“Area Code 415” sessions

1. Fire On The Mountain
2. Ghost Riders In The Sky
3. It Makes Me Feel Mad #1
4. You Know I Will
5. Is Anyone There
6. Night Of The Vampire
7. It Makes Me Feel Mad #2

“Fire On The Mountain” sessions

8. Fire On The Mountain
9. Speed Racer
10. Untitled
11. Fear And Loathing
12. Checker Man
13. Marshmallow Road
14. Fear
15. Ariel

Line-up :

1. melton, garcia, hart, freiberg
2. cipollina, hart, freiberg, jim mcpherson
3. kathy mcdonald, mcpherson, steve schuster
4. kathy mcdonald, mcpherson, steve schuster
5. freiberg, hart, mcpherson, mcdonald
6. melton, lesh, hunter, hart
7. melton, garcia, hart, freiberg
8. melton, garcia, hart, freiberg
9. melton, hart, lesh, schuster, bill champlin
10. garcia & hart at the palace of fine arts
11. ali abkar khan, ali raka, garcia, hart
12. hart, rob stokes, lesh, melton, freiberg, hunter
13. hart, melton, bloomfield, la flamme
14. lagin, lesh, cipollina
15. melton, hart, lesh, stokes, garcia, freiberg