Peter Gabriel – London, England (07/09/83)

Peter Gabriel
The Best Things Are Worth Waiting For
Crystal Palace Football Ground
Sellhurst Park, London

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( Davros 001 )
Quality of the recording is about a ( B ) Not one of the best i’ve done but still very listenable
Linerige :- T.D.K 120AD ( Master ) – Sony tape deck – pc hard drive via sound blaster pci card – nero 9 wave editor – wave files – dbpower convertor – FLAC Level 8 – you
Inc are md5 logs etc & covers
All i have done in wave editor is split the tracks & fade in fade out at beginning & end of cds
Tracks :-
CD 1
Intro – Across The River
I Have The Touch
Not One Of Us
The Family And The Fishing Net
Shock The Monkey
Family Snapshots
Games without frontiers

CD 2
Lay Your Hands On Me
Solisbury Hill
I Don’t Remember
San Jacinto
On The Air
Kiss Of Life – Outro

Phil Collins Guests On Drums For All Of CD2

Hi to all
Welcome to my series of mostly uncirculated masters & very low generation shows that i recorded or received in trades in my younger days most of my masters have not been circulated or only traded once or twice i used to trade a lot in the 70s – 80s & i have many many shows well in excess of 7,500 tapes
My masters where always on my trading list but not many got traded so i boxed them all up in the late 80s now i have decided to go through them & upload some of them.
I recorded many bands from Genesis – Bowie – Springsteen – Hawkwind – Hackett – Gabriel – Marillion plus many many others i will try & upload a least one a show week if not two
To record theses shows i used a Sony portable hand held tape recorder with built in stereo mics i always used good quality tapes to record on mainly T.D.K. I used to insert the tape deck in a empty coffee flask with the inside taken out of the flask to get past the security ah those where the days.
The only thing i ask is please don’t sell these recording & don’t convert to mp3 etc & if you do ( only for your own use ). Please don’t change any of the files or info etc this is so that people can tell the difference between this source & other sources as many people like to compare different versions of shows.
Also please do not remaster these shows the reason for this is these days there are far to many remasters of shows its ok have one remaster etc but some are remastered that many times by different people there can be 10 different remasters of a show from the same source & it can get a bit tedious.
So On to the show for your enjoyment Davros archives presents :-

There was only one Tape flip and that was before lay your hands so that was a good place to have the disc change
I hope you enjoy this show please ask if you want to upload it to other sites as i will be uploading these shows to a couple of other torrent sites
Uploaded to dime by doctordavros on 23-01-2010