Pink Floyd – Bristol, England (12/14/74)

Pink Floyd
Colston Hall, Bristol, Somerset, England
December 14, 1974

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I have three sources for this show, you can read the info here.

  1. Introduction by Jimmy Young
  2. Raving And Drooling
  3. You’ve Gotta Be Crazy
  4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
  5. Speak To Me
  6. Breathe
  7. On The Run
  8. Time
  9. The Great Gig In The Sky
  10. Money
  11. Us And Them
  12. Any Colour You Like
  13. Brain Damage
  14. Eclipse
  15. Echoes

Van Morrison – Pilton, England (06/17/89)

Glastonbury Festival
Shepton Mallet, Somerset
June 17th 1989

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Excellent Audience Recording

SOURCE: Master Cassette (GS) > Akai GX-95 11 (Playback) > Soundforge PRO 10c >
FLAC Level 8 Align On Sector Boundaries

NOTE: Non-Destructive Edit at 3.39 in “Help Me” due to Tape Flip

There were some sound faults on the two Georgie Fame opening tracks, these have been omitted.

The last track “MAX WALL, MAX WALL” (see Link and Lyrics below ***)
has not been included on previous circulating recordings

Mastered & Artwork by JTT (August 2012)

Disc One: 43.15

  11. HELP ME

Disc Two: 34.20


Georgie Fame
Ritchie Buckley
Dave Early
Steve Gregory
Bernie Holland
Neil Drinkwater
Brian Odgers

Pink Floyd – Somerset, England (07/27/70)

Pink Floyd
Bath And West Showground, Shepton Mallet
Festival of Blues & Progressive Music
Somerset, England
June 27, 1970

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  1. Green is the Colour 3:31
  2. Careful With That Axe Eugene 9:59
  3. A Saucerful of Secrets 18:43
  4. Set the Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 13:46
  5. The Amazing Pudding 25:23

“Amazing Pudding in Bath 1970” / “Master 002” (Mr Yeeshkul, Master-002)


Source: Audience
Quality: Very Good
EAC’d by sydb, seeded on PinkRoioShn

CD Reference:
Bath Festival 27.6.70, Bath Festival of Blues & Progressive Music
Wanna Take A Bath?, Bath, Animals Over Europe, Paris Fete de L’Humanite
LP Reference:

Comments: (from ‘Embryo – A Pink Floyd Chronology’ by Hodges & Priston)

Two tapes are available, both from the same master, but of varying quality.
The first, available for some time, is incomplete, while the second more
recent copy features ‘The Amazing Pudding’ with orchestra for the first time,
and is of better quality.

A Copy of the poster for this gig may be found in Le Livre Du Pink Floyd

[Green Is The Colour/Careful With That Axe Eugene 13:07,
A Saucerful Of Secrets 17:51, Set The Controls For The
Heart Of The Sun 13:16, The Amazing Pudding 24:05]

Green Is The Colour/Careful With That Axe Eugene

A Saucerful Of Secrets

[Guy in audience: “Good, that’s two my, two mine two favourite songs that
there, is good. Oh fantastic, they’ll di this much better”]

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

“…together it’s going to be one whole side on our next album, and it has a
tentative working title which is ‘The Amazing Pudding’.”

The Amazing Pudding

The Cure – Somerset, England (06/26/95)

The Cure
Glastonbury Festival
Somerset, England

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01. Pictures Of You
02. Lullaby
03. Just Like Heaven
04. Jupiter Crash
05. High
06. The Walk
07. Let¥s Go To Bed
08. Dressing Up
09. A Strange Day
10. Push
11. Mink Car
12. Friday I¥m In Love
13. In Between Days
14. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
15. Shiver And Shake
16. Disintegration
17. End

Van Morrison – Somerset, England (06/21/87)

Van Morrison
Glastonbury Festival
Somerset, England
June 21 1987

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Moondance (Instrumental)*
Celtic Swing (Instrumental)*
Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
Vanlose Stairway
It’s All In The Game
Help Me
Foreign Window
Dweller On The Threshold
Cleaning Windows
Sense Of Wonder
And The Healing Has Begun
Celtic Ray
One Irish Rover
In The Garden
Summertime In England
Full Force Gale
Bright Side of the Road
Rave On John Donne / Rave On Part Two / Did Ye Get Healed?

*Missing on Source 1

Neil Drinkwater – keyboards
Ritchie Buckley – saxophone
Steve Pearce – bass
Arty McGlynn – guitar
Martin Drover – trumpet
Ray Jones – drums
June Boyce – backing vocals

Source 1:

Unknown Source

Source 2:

20th Anniversary Edition

No other circulating edition of this show comes close to this one.

This set is a new Re-Master based on JTT’s Tape (Tracks 1 & 2 plus some
audience noise inserted at the end of “Summertime in England”) and on JAH’s
Raw FM recording (other tracks)

Excellent Recording with seamless transitions between Audience and FM

Re-Mastered by 4EF, Artwork by JTT, April 2007

Source 3:

4-Eyed Freak workshop

Audience (2 tracks) and FM (16 tracks)

Tracks 1 & 2: Audience Master (GS) > TDK SA90 Dolby B > Sony TC-K71 (Playback) Dolby B > Soundforge 8 (Track Marks, Fades) >FLAC Level 6 > WAV > Digital edition and retracking (see notes) > SHNTools (Sector Boundary fix) > FLAC Level 8

Other tracks: FM > JAH Vol 6 > CDR > WAV (EAC secure mode, offset correction) > Digital edition and retracking (see notes) > SHNTools (Sector Boundary fix) > FLAC Level 8
Size : 619 MB


One of the stongest Van show, from an under-documented period.

Glastonbury, in the county of Sommerset, south-west England, is for sure a special place for Van : “There are at least four separate and independent British traditions that say that Jesus as a youth travelled to Britain with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea, spending many years in Glastonbury, which was a prominant center of Druidism. It has been suggested that the Common One album cover shows Van on Glastonbury Tor. Anyone planning a tour of important Van places should put Glastonbury high on their list”.

Reworking notes:

Many versions of this show are already circulating. Untill recently, only one of them gave the complete show, “the real real complete”  based on a rather weak audience recording for d1t01 & 02, and on the reworked version i made in 2004 for the other tracks.

This 2004 remaster was my first work i dared publicizing but with time i wasn’t very satisfied with it, i thought i could have done a better job so there’s a long time i wanted to restart from scratch.

JTT’s new complete version, most probably coming from an unknown and very good audience recording, was an opportunity to start this project. This set uses JTT’s tape (d1t01 & 02 plus some audience noise reinserted at the end of “summertime in England”) and a completely new work based on JAH’s raw FM recording for all the other tracks.

Source 4:

Excellent Audience Recording

This is a New Transfer and updates my 2007 Upload

SOURCE: Master Cassette (GS) > Akai GX-95 11 (Playback) > Soundforge PRO 10c >
FLAC Level 8 Align On Sector Boundaries

Mastered & Artwork by JTT (August 2012)

Source 5:

“Complete Recording” Upgrade

This Torrent is an upgrade to my previous uplooad:
Due to it now being direct from the Master Cassette and with a bit more information on the
source of the recording.

Excellent Recording, Mixing Desk or Audience, you decide !

NOTE: Because of the interest in my original upload of this show and the questions regarding
the source I decided to contact ‘GS’ who originally sent me the copy of his tape. I ask where
he got it and he said it was “ACQUIRED” from a contact, working at Glastonbury, about two hours
after Morrison came off stage, he asked no questions. As to why he marked it FM he said that
the tape was not in a case and was unmarked and later when he got round to listing it he had
only listened to a track or so and it seemed to be FM though he now agrees it could be Mixing Desk
or Excellent audience. Anyhow he very kindly agreed to loan me the Master and that tranfer is
what you have now.

Personally I don’t care what the source is, it’s just nice to have a complete, from one source,
recording of a great show. There is some very slight sound drift on the tape which I believe is
due to it not having been played (he used his back-up copy to listen to) or fully re-wound
for many years.

This transfer is a big improvement over the previous, analogue tape copies tended to lose
quite a bit of detail even on top quality decks, and anyone with a SERIOUS interest in
Morrison I think will be well pleased.

SOURCE: Master Cassette (GS)>Akai GX-95 (Playback)>Soundforge 8 (Track Marks, Fades)>
FLAC Level 6 Align On Sector Boundaries

As with all my torrents/transfers NO Normalisation or other alterations have been
made to the sound unless stated, PLEASE LEAVE IT THAT WAY.

Mastered & Updated Artwork by JTT, April 2007

Source 6:

Different from the other radio broadcasts I’ve heard of this show…
I was unsure about seeding this one…
Three songs missing, but “Help Me” as the opening song and “One Irish Rover” in there too.
It’s a long time ago and I can’t be 100% certain, but it sounds as though I
may have recorded this onto a longer tape and transferred the show onto
a 60 minute tape from there. As a result, “Celtic Ray” and “A Sense Of Wonder”
have been swapped over(?) to accommodate the length of one side to 30 minutes.
I don’t have the cassette tape to check as I transferred a lot of these a good 15 years ago…
but it’s excellent quality. Sample in comments…
There’s an extraction log file in the torrent too.

FM Radio > Technics Tuner > Aiwa Tape Deck>
Tascam DA-20 Mk 2 DAT machine > HHb burnit CDr recorder…no EQ
CDr > EAC > Traders Little Helper > Flac8 sector aligned

Source 7:

TITLE Rave On Complete And Upgraded

FM > ? > CDR > WAV (EAC secure mode, offset correction) > Digital remastering and retracking > SHNTools (Sector Boundary fix) > FLAC (FLAC Frontend Level 7)
Size : 565 MB


David Walker Review from the Great Van Morrison Website (btw, did i ever think to thank Michael Hayward for making the best website in the world ?):
One of the strongest boots to come along in quite a while, Rave On is a very crisp soundboard recording from a not-well-documented period: 1987 prior to the tours with the Chieftains. Van’s voice is in good shape, and his band, many of whom played on Poetic Champions Compose, are tight and often inspired. For me, the highlights of the cd are the fast numbers: “Dweller on the Threshold,” “Cleaning Windows,” and “Full Force Gale” (Xav’s 2 cents : I don’t agree); Van’s clean phrasing and the band’s precise, energetic rhythms make these renditions particularly memorable. If some of the meditative numbers – “A Sense of Wonder” and “And the Healing Has Begun,” in particular – seem a bit too fast or prosaic (Xav’s 2 more cents : I don’t agree at all), they’re certainly competent and enjoyable. There’s really not a bad cut on the album (this will make 6 : i DO agree !)
That said, I have to express my regret that the version of “One Irish Rover” Van performed at this show is omitted from this album. It’s my all-time favorite version of the song: although very short (about three minutes), it is beautifully arranged and sung with a subtlety and emotional emphasis that make it quite unique.

Personal Review :

This one has the missing tracks “One Irish Rover” as well as “Help Me”. Van also played an instrumental “Moondance” and “Inarticulate speech of the heart” at the beginning of the concert, but these 2 tracks have never been broadcasted, I never heared about any recording for them (if someone did, please let me know !). It’s one of the strongest Van boots I know, at last 2 tracks (“Summertime In England” and “One Irish Rover”) are my all-time favourite versions.
Glastonbury, in the county of Sommerset, south-west England, is the town where The Church of St.John is located (would you meet me in the country…), it’s for sure a special place for Van : “There are at least four separate and independent British traditions that say that Jesus as a youth travelled to Britain with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea, spending many years in Glastonbury, which was a prominant center of Druidism. It has been suggested that the Common One album cover shows Van on Glastonbury Tor. Anyone planning a tour of important Van places should put Glastonbury high on their list”.
Maybe it gives some explanation for the special energy he had this night.

Remastering notes:

To my knowledge, 3 versions of this boot are already in circulation :
– “Rave On” standard (torrented by YeahBaby some months ago)
– “Rave On Remastered”
– “Rave On Complete”

* The first one has a bad tracking, with many fade-out/fade-in or bad transitions between tracks. It has a very good sound quality, but “Help Me” and “One Irish Rover” are missing.
* The remastered one has a good tracking, it sounds like a complete concert though the 2 tracks are also missing. The quality of the sound doesn’t appear very different from the standard one to my ears – and to the spectrum analyser.
* The complete one has a perfect tracking, has the 2 missing tracks, but has a clearly lower quality sound, more muffled and “flatter”. It probably comes from another broadcast.

I worked a very long time on this complete version, doing my best to enhance its sound. That’s not the first time i try to do that kind of job, but that’s the very first time i’m satisfied enough to dare uploading my work. As Bert noticed some times ago, this stuff doesn’t deserve the name “remaster”, let’s call it “upgrade”. I’m waiting for all possible feedbacks, if they are mostly negative I can seed later the original “Rave On Complete”. If you like it, please distribute it over trading lists to non or slow connected people.

I re-designed the artwork with a visible indication of my “remastering”. Not lack of modesty, at the opposite I want to clearly show that it is a special and possibly “to avoid” version.

Last but not least : this complete set is about 82mn long. The original “complete” was given on 2 CDs, but i had no problem to overburn a 80mn CD so it fits on a single disc. Of course, everybody is free to split it if desired.

Sorry for this long info text : “Quand on aime, on ne compte pas”… And i just can’t say how much i love this boot. This Man REALLY came to give us a sense of wonder, you know ?
I hope (with anguish) that you will enjoy it !