Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Palo Alto, CA (11/16/76)

jerry garcia 1976

Jerry Garcia Band
Sophie’s; Palo Alto, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 13030
Originally seeded as: AUD MC>R>D>CD
Info updated 5/30/2006: Michael Parrish’s MAC > reel > plaback on Uher reel-to-reel machine > Marantz standalone CD recorder > Plextor CDR extraction using EAC (high, secure, offset-corrected) > .shn encoding using mkwACT. Reel > CD by Thomas Donhauser. EAC>SHN and etree seeding by Hanno.

CD 1
The Way You Do The Things You Do
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
After Midnight
Who Was John?
Mission In The Rain
Stir It Up

CD 2
Friend Of The Devil
Don’t Let Go ->
Strange Man
Stop That Train
Ride Mighty High

– listenable audience recording with tape flutter problems
– missing Midnight Moonlight and Tore Up Over You
– Don’t Let Go is complete & intact

seeded by H.B. 10/02

Flac encoding notes:
All processing with Trader’s Little Helper
Shn – st5 generated
Shn > Flac ( level 8 )
Flac – st5 generated and matched to Shn st5

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia – Palo Alto, CA (02/15/76)

jerry garcia 1976 - 19760601_1786

Jerry Garcia
Palo Alto, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Set 1
01. Harder They Come – missing
02. Friend Of The Devil
03. Mission In The Rain
04. Who Was John
05. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
06. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)

Set 2
01. Catfish John
02. Tore Up Over You
03. My Sisters And Brothers
04. I Want To Tell You
05. tuning
06. Moonlight Mile
07. Talkin’ ‘Bout You

Source 1: SHNID 133782

Recording Info:
MR > R (Will Boswell’s reel from the Debbie stash)

Transfer Info:
Technics 1506 > WAV (24bit/96k) > Apogee Mini Me 24/96 > Apogee Mini DAC monitoring and mastering > FLAC

Transfered By Matt Smith
April 2015

Matt’s Comments:
Special thanks to Adam Aegart for the Technics RS1506.

Source 2: SHNID 18743 (Set 1 Only)

Recordings in Circulation
139 AUD : MAC>1 Reel>DAT>CD
Notes: The beginnings of Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door and Talkin’ ‘Bout You are both clipped. Recording for completists only.
Taper: Michael Parrish
Original Equipment: Sony mono cassette deck using built-in microphone
Notes: Set 1 only. Harder They Come levels jump at start with distortion after the 2 minute mark. Who Was John is spliced and the right channel drops out during Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door and doesn’t come back.
Taper: Bob Menke and Louis Falanga
Original Equipment: Sony ECM-270 and ECM-250 mics blended > Sony TC-152 cassette deck. Mics positioned onstage.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Palo Alto, CA (01/09/76)

jerry garcia 1976

Jerry Garcia Band with James Booker
Palo Alto, CA

This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 8386

Download: FLAC/MP3

MSR > ? > 1C > 1D > 1CD > EAC > SHN

This version, via Ryan Shriver, is more
complete than the previously circulating version.

Extraction using EAC, tracking using CD Wave,
.shn encoding using mkwACT, and proper sector
boundary verification using shntool.

Disc One
Set I
1. //All By Myself [7:47#] [0:54]
2. Goodnight Irene [10:35] ->
3. Fur Elise [0:51] ->
4. Right Back Together [11:41] ->
5. Send Me Someone To Love [10:31] [1:01]
6. It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry// [4:31#]
7. //Tore Up Over You [5:24#] [0:49]
Total Time 54:05

Disc Two
Set II
1. //Neighbor Neighbor [2:05#] [1:20]
2. United Our Thing Will Stand [11:40] ->
3. Classified [8:35] ->
4. Please Come Home [10:16] [0:39]
5. Fand//ango [6:22#] [0:21]
6. Let it Rock [12:18] [1:59]
7. Roadrunner [11:29] [0:16]
Total Time 67:22

A very light, intermittent clicking reoccurs throughout the
recording, though it is primarily audible during tuning breaks.

d1t01 All By Myself fades in, not much missing
d1t01 All By Myself very light pops @ 0:02, 0:05, 0:07
d1t01 All By Myself mix/level fluctuations first 0:20
d1t02 Goodnight Irene painful static and mix fluctuations, ca. 1:30
d1t06 Train to Cry cuts out
d1t07 Tore Up cuts in
d1t07 Tore Up static
d2t01 Neighbor Neighbor fades in
d2t05 Fandango cut/splice @ 0:35, unknown missing