Van Morrison – Cotati, CA (05/14/71)

The Inn Of The Beginning
Cotati, CA.
May 14th 1971

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(Fades in) I’ve Been Working
He Ain’t Give You None
Beautiful Obsession, Let The Cowboy Ride
Give Me A Kiss
Mystic Eyes *
Rock Me Baby
I Wanna Roo You, (Scottish Derivate)
Moonshine Whiskey
And It Stoned Me
Blue Money
Bring It On Home

Band Members
Van Morrison – Harmonica, Vocals, Guitar and Piano
Alan Hand – Keyboards
John Klingberg – Bass
John Platania – Guitar
Dahaud Shaar – Drums
Jack Schroer – Saxaphone
Collin Tilton – Saxaphone & Flute
Keith Johnson – Trumpet
Ellen Schroer – Backing Vocals
Janet Planet – Backing Vocals (Van’s Wife at the time)
Martha Velez – Backing Vocals

Source 1:


AUD: Reel
Sony Stereo Recorder w/ Dual Element mics > ? > CD
Cd > EAC (secure) > mkwACT > SHN

Bill Craven followed VTM around California in the early 70’s recording Van with
a portable Sony stereo recorder and a dual element mic. The results
were fantastic, and the shows he caught have not been previously
circulated. These shows are exciting for their quality and rareness.
They are audience recordings. There are flaws and crowd noise, but
they are easy to listen to and very enjoyable.

There are some fade ins at the beginning and fade outs at the end on some tracks but no real music is lost. This was done by the taper Bill Craven.

* – Van Morrison on Harmonica

Source 2:

Very Good Audience Recording

SOURCE: Dual Element mics > Sony Stereo Recorder (Bill Craven) > ??? > CDR >
EAC > Soundforge PRO 10b * > FLAC Level 8 Align on Sector Boundaries

* Remove app. 10 glitches, Balance Channels, Clean some Track Transitions, Index

JTT Artwork included

Source 3:

No source info, just art.